Must Read: To Love And To Leave… Part 38

Written by Austin Blinks… If you missed part Thirty Seven, read it HERE!!!

I couldn’t believe my ears, Femi’s Mom dead?? It’s shocking! But what surprises me the most was the news that she’d always wanted to have me killed. I used to see her drive past me on the street, she never looked at me, never replied my greetings too. It looked like i never existed to her but it turns out she hated me. That just goes to say, the ones who you least suspect are your haters, are actually the ones plotting your downfall.
It’s been 3 weeks though and alot has happened, Femi and Wale got admitted to University Of Lagos and i couldn’t have been happier for them. I tried reaching Bidemi several times but her number kept reading unavailable. It makes me freak out more because i had just two days to spend at home before resuming back to school.
We’re at the Adelekes for a condolence visit. It felt really weird going to greet the family of a woman who tried to have me killed right since when i was a kid. Femi sat at the corner of the room with tears in his eyes. I don’t blame him, no matter what, ones mother is ones mother, you can’t change that, even if it turns his Mother was a vicious and wicked woman, losing her still hit him hard .
My Mom sat beside me, Wale at the far end. Mom’s gaze was fixed on Femi’s Dad. I know deep down she wants to move closer to him and hold his hands but no one, no even me wants to witness that right now.
The Adegboyes stepped in, led by Bidemi’s dad, her mom, then her sister kikelomo and finally Bidemi herself . My heart skipped a beat, i wanted to run to her and hug her. Tell her how much i’ve missed her. Kikelomo went straight to Femi, she sat beside him and placed her arms round his shoulder, i think she dressed way too Sekxy for a condolence visit. Bidemi sat beside Funmilayo, holding hands and talking very silently. I hoped she’d look at me just once but she didn’t.
Wale: Why are we even here sef??
Wale interrupted my thoughts, i had no idea how he got close to me.
Me: We are here to sympatize with the deceased family.
Wale: which kain? Which yeye person die? Left to me, we all should be throwing a party, Dancing Shoki and laughing our ribs out..
Me: Haha…. Wale
Wale: The woman killed my father! I didnt get to meet my Father because the witch had him killed. So dont tell me to act nice!!
Me: Wale death is never a purnishment. Both good and bad people die!
Wale: well…. not everyone gets shot about 20 times.
Femi was close to us now, eyes red from tears but he had a smile on his face.
Femi: Hello boys!
Me: Hey brother! How are you holding up?
Femi: Well….. i’ll survive!  ……..Hello Wale!
Wale: Hello Femi!
Femi: so…… Wale, what will you eat?
Wale: Ugh?? Why you asking me? Why didnt you ask Dolly-p?
Femi: Because….. i know your other name is “Long-throat” you must be hungry by now… (grinning)
Wale: Femi Femi …. Sorry about your Mother’s death! I’m sure she’s proud that you took after him. This shirt is the exact one i’ll put on after someone shoots you more than 20 times too.
Femi: You should go keep the shirt right-away , looks like you’ll keep it for a long time.
Wale: If i decide to shoot you myself, it won’t be very long…..
I cut in…..
Me: Don’t you both ever take a break from biting eachother?
Wale: Hahaha…. Anyways… My condolences Femi! RIP to your Mom! (He stretched his hands)
Femi: Thanks man! (They shook hands)
Wale: Your mother killed my dad remember?
Femi..:(sighs) mehnn…. Dolapo, let me quickly go and wash up, i just shook hands with Wale, i don’t wanna contact any deadly virus…..
He turned and i laughed it off. My laughter must have been a little loud because it sent Bidemi looking in my direction and we caught eachother’s gaze. I mouthed the words “How are you” but she took her eyes off me almost immediately, i looked down in disappointment.
Olatunji was more sad about what his late wife did to Mary than the sadness he feels for Chioma’s death. He had been a fool all these years, leaving with someone as dangerous as Chioma under the same roof. He.agreed he was lucky Chioma didn’t kill him herself. Everyone is here so decided to make a statement, to clear the air…
Olatunji: (clears throat)  Thank you all for coming here and showing your support towards our family in this trying time but we all can’t deny we finally know the truth about who my late wife was. One way or another she affected us all in a negative way but i beg you to please respect the dead and Let’s try and remember the good they things she did..
Wale: (cuts in) Name one…..
Olatunji: (turns to Wale) What is that Wale?
Wale: You said we should try and remember the good things she did…. So i asked you to name one good thing she did cause where i sit, i don’t seem to remember anything good..
Mary: Wale will you keep quiet!!!
Wale: No Mom!  We don’t have to pretend anymore. In this country, when someone dies, they suddenly becomes a saint, people cry and talk about them with respect and act like they never did anything wrong! We’re all sitting here and pretending, this woman killed my father, your husband! She tried to kill Dolapo more than once, she had Solomon killed and lets not forget she gave birth to Femi….. we all know giving birth to Femi is definitely a bad thing too.
Now his final statement got everyone giggling, even Femi himself.
Femi: Hahahaha…. I’m sorry Mrs. Martins but your late husband should have used protection… this Wale boy should have been released into a condom.
The whole room was still filled with laughter when Segun walked in. Everyone stopped laughing almost immediately….
Olatunji:Welcome My son! We have been expecting you.
Segun: I’m just here to get my stuffs…
Olatunji: And why is that….
Segun: You know why sir! I’m not your biological…..
Olatunji: (cuts in) Oh.. shut up boy! You are my son! You’ll always be! The mistake Chioma made was thinking i never knew all these while….i knew but never said a word. I went back to the village and found out Mary was getting Married to Adedolapo, i was heartbrokened so i decided to marry Chioma. I didn’t marry her because she was pregnant, i knew the baby wasn’t mine right from the start. Now tell me Segun, have i ever treated you differently from the way i treat Femi and Funmilayo??
Segun: No sir!
Olatunji: I’ve accepted you as my son and that’s what You’ll forever be. Come here son and give your father a hug.
Olatunji and segun hugged eachother while the females in the room were in tears. Femi stood up to join in the hug. Olatunji pulls off and looked at Wale.
Olatunji: Won’t you join us?
Wale: No sir! I don’t do group hugs.
Olatunji: we are a family
Wale: Hahaha… a very twisted family…. Four brothers: Dolapo and Femi have same father but different mothers, Dolapo and I have same mother but different fathers, Thank God Femi and I are not related…..
Olatunji: everything will change if Mary will have me as her own….
The silence in the room was so much everyone could hear their individual heartbeats…. Olatunji Continued…
Olatunji: One of the greatest mistake i ever made was walking away from you Mary! I love my late wife but i was always in love with you….
Mary: But you left Olatunji. You left when i needed you the most. How could you love me and then leave me??
Olatunji was quiet….
Wale : If you people kiss, I’m going fall and die right here and now? So…. i think I’m gone walk out… (stood up)
Dolapo: i want to go and do that thing that i have to do too….
Femi: Oh! Yes!!! Let me help you with it.
In no time, everyone was clearing off the room. The Adegboyes said they had to leave, Femi, Dolapo and Wale went out. Segun and Funmilayo disappeared into the house too…. leaving Olatunji and Mary alone.
Olatunji: I left you mary and I’m sorry! A day never goes by that i didn’t wonder about you. And I’m not doing this because chioma died, i want you like i did 20years ago and i know 20 years from now, i will still want you even more than i want you now.
Mary: (tears) What if you leave again like you did before?
Olatunji: I’m here to stay forever! I’m never leaving. I love you Mary….
Mary: I love you Olatunji Adeleke! I’ve waited too mary years for you to do this….
Olatunji: Do what???
Mary: (smiling ) …. Kiss me….
They kissed…….

To Be Continued…

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