Must Read: To Love And To Leave… Part 39

Written by Austin Blinks… If you missed part Thirty Eight , read it HERE!!!

I got home and laid on the chair. Wale had gone to God knows where and Mom…. Well, she’s still with My dad…. Mr. Olatunji Adeleke. I came home alone. I didn’t get the chance to speak with Bidemi and that hurts like hell.
I thought i heard a knock but i wasn’t sure so i listened again. The knock came again and my heart skipped a beat. I prayed it was Bidemi before opening the door.
Yes it was a girl alright but not Bidemi… I’ve missed her so much, i never realised how much I’ve missed her until now, she stood at the door smiling at me, absolutely beautiful… i exclaimed…..
Me: Oh My God! ADA…….!!!!!!
Ada: Dolapo how are you? I didn’t know i was going to meet you at home o. I was going to call you but i have used the credit i bought last night to call a friend of my that has typhoid fever because the water in their house was not very clean and they usually forget to boil the water before drinking….
Me: Damn! I’ve missed all your irrelevant story telling Ada.
We hugged and i led her to the sofa. We both sat down and i kept staring at her like a medal i just won.
Ada: i heard everything that happened to you Dolapo! So Femi’ s mother is bad like that? She reminds me of one movie i watched with my cousin, the night that her husband travelled because he had a business meeting to attend. That film ehn, the woman ehn, was the same woman that acted one film where she acted a policewoman that collects brube and acted in another film where she was the mother of one man and she didnt want her son to marry a certain girl brcause the girl was from another tribe that is different from theirs, those tribe also…… (sighs, she looked at me, smiled)…..emmm…. I’m i talking too much????
Me…(smiling) so far i heard a tribe, a woman and a movie…every other thing was…well, you know.
She laughed….
Me: but how did you know it was Femi’s mother that did all that?
Ada: Michael told me.
Me: You and Michael now talk???
Ada: Since the night he got your number from me, we’ve both been talking alot…
I started winking at her and making funnu faces ..
Ada: Hahahaha…. shut up jor! Its not like that. Though he asked me out but ,you know…. i don’t know!
Me: I can tell you like him, he’s an amazing guy
Ada: He’s caring and cool. I like him, i’m just not going gaga about him yet. I was keeping his company when he lost his brother …..and by the way, do you know he now worths millions of nairas? He got a new apartment, he said he wanna start a business in Ibadan when we resume next week, he’s thinking bout buying a car and wants ……
Me: (i cut in….) Ada don’t tell me you’ll date him for money?
Ada: What do you think? I’m a typical Igbo girl abeg, if love doesn’t work, money must work. Igbo girls like me are smart like that, we are allergic to suffering
Me: Hahahaha! Ada oooo ! You’ve killed me with laughter!
Ada: But that’s just by the way sha. Michael is a nice guy and i actually do like him, the money is just an added advantage. What can i do when the one i love is in love with someone else…
Me: (smiling, holding her hands) You are a special girl Ada. Any man would be lucky to have you, and you deserve someone who loves you more than i do..
Ada: Thank you best friend!  I understand that.
Wale stepped in. They both shouted when they saw eachother. Wale sat with us, greeted me and face Ada. From the sitting position they both were,  i knew I’m set to have my head blown away with too much talk.
Wale: Kai Ada… you have missed alot ehn. So many things have happened
Ada: I know o! But that woman was wicked o. I was just telling Dolapo she reminded me of a movie i saw with my cousin the night her husband had to travel because he had a meeting. The woman also acted in a movie where she played a policewoman that collects bribe and another film that……
Wale: (cuts in) Is it the woman that acted a witch in one movie that she killed her own husband because he cheated on her with the girl that the woman brought home to help with the house chores and the girl now wears short gowns and skirt in the house,  so one morning when……
Ada: (cuts in) She also acted in that movie that she travelled to Norway to go and see her grandchildren but when she got to Norway she….
I got fed up!
Me: Shut up! Shut up both of you! Which yeye woman! Do you want to kill somebody with talk ni! She acted in this and that and still you have mention the main movie you were supposed to talk about…… the woman no get name ni??
They both froze for a moment, looked at me like I’m the one something is wrong with, they shook their heads in pity, looked at eachother and then began again….
Wale: i saw one movie on the TV too where she killed one young boy because……..
I couldn’t do anything, anymore…. i went straight to my room, laid on the bed and slept off like a baby. If Solo couldn’t kill me with a knife, i won’t allow Wale and Ada kill me with talks.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 27, 2016 — 2:40 am

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  1. i really do hope mr.Olatunji&mrs.Martins ends up together as well as Dolly-P & Bidemi……..lolzzzz……Femi,Wale&Ada are something else……..really apreciate ur efforts…..keep it going broda….

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