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Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 12


A Story written by Gaglo Blessing (


I played the scene over and over in my head. Victoria had looked so radiant that morning, i remembered the warm smile she had given me before walking out of the house. I wished i had stopped her, i wished i had forseen it but i know if wishes were horses beggers would own a polo club already.

I felt like a failure. Jennifer had trusted me with her girls and i have failed in my duties.  She was so kind to me when she was alive, she took me in from the street and gave my life a meaning.

I was found in a polythene bag by  the roadside on a fateful drizzling August morning. I was told, some kind souls had taken me to an orphanage nearby which was where i grew up. Life in the Orphanage was bitter sweet for me. i dreaded the dawn of each new day, i hated the nights most because that was when the repulsive caressing hands seek out my young body in the darkness.

Mother Superior Annabel had taken to me since I was brought to the orphanage. She looked out for me, she personally made new dresses for me to the envy of the other girls and she taught me my letters and alphabets. I felt loved in those days, i had someone to talk to, i had a surrogate mother to look out for me but that bliss was short lived.

I don’t remember precisely when it all started but one particular night stood out in my mind and it would hunt me forever.

” Maggie  dear ”

I was in my favorite part of the Orphanage which was the little garden at the back. I got up happily as my surrogate mother approached me. I thought she wanted to give me an early gift since it was the eve of my 14th birthday .

” Mother” i called, so very happy to see her.

She pressed me into her bosom and held my head close to her chest. Her hand drifted to my lower back as she fondly caressed me lightly. She truly loved me and she always said she would want a daughter just like me if she wasn’t a nun.

” How are you my child?” She kissed my cheeks.

” I am fine mother”

” Good. I have something special for you but i don’t want the others to see it. When it is light out, i want you to sneak into my quarters and i will give it to you. ”

I lept up with joy. ” What is it mother! tell me! please tell me”

” Shhh, you don’t want the others to hear, do you?”

” No mother”

I was so impatient and almost keeling over with curiosity. Immediately after light went off, i threw back the covers and stole out of the room i shared with six other kids. I knocked softly on mother’s door and she threw it open but i was rooted to the ground in shock because the person before me looked nothing like the sweet mother i knew.

She was in a scarlet nylon panty hose, her lips were painted bright red and she had on heels which made her look like a  lead cast from those late night movies we sometimes snuck out of bed to watch.

” Come in and lock the door” she commanded in a deep sultry voice.

”  Mo..mother” i stammered in fear.

” It is me dear” She said in her nun voice.” We are trying something special tonight, that is why i am dressed this way”.

” OK mother”  my voice trembled slightly as i settled on the long sette in her small living room.

She handed me a plate of cookie which i devoured raveneously.

” Do you want more?”

” No mother. Thank you”

She sat down next to me caressing my thighs lightly. I felt uncomfortable  and scooted back.

” I love you Maggie. I have always loved you right from the first day i set my eyes on you”

” I love you too mother” i replied naively.

” Come girl” she pressed her lips softly on mine.

I jerked back in repulse.

” Mother?”

” Get on your knees” She commanded taking the tone of the vixen once again.

I stood up in fright. ” I want to go now”

” No you won’t! get down on your knees!” She jerked me by my hair and i resisted, trying desperately to pry off her firm grip on my hair.That seemed to annoy her as she landed a hot slap on my face which sent me sprawling across the room.

” ungrateful child!” She panted.” After all i have done for you! ”

I whimpered as tears blinded my eyes. She placed her hand on me gently, with the touch of the woman i knew as Mother.

” Please help me Maggie….. Please…..i have waited so long for this day. I just want to have a little fun with you and i will even reward you.”

” What do you want me to do?”

” A little fun is all i ask for…….”  She licked and kissed my earlobe, her hand stole into my threadbare night dress and i scooted away from her touch.

To Be Continued…

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