Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 13


A Story written by Gaglo Blessing (

” Mother please……i don’t want this……this fun ” i begged.

” Will you at least allow me to suck on your little b.reasts?”

She wasn’t sane. I could see the madness blazing in her eyes. Some unseen forces had taken over the body of my mother. I made for the door but she suspected that move and blocked my path.

” If you step out of this room Maggie, i will look for another young special girl to replace you and i will make you rue the day you were born”

” Mother please i beg you…….. Please let me go” I cried.

A shrill piercing sound resonated in the room and i was jolted back to the present. The voice sounded like that of our gateman. The others got to their feet too and we all ran outside. The cause of the rauckus got my knees weak , i felt my knees giving up on me and Joseph reached for me before i could kiss the ground.

Victoria stood outside the gate, her cloth were dirty and there were smudges of dirt on her tear stained face. She lurched herself into my arms sobbing.

” I told you all nothing happened to her” Suresh hissed.

Her father took her into his arms. The others hovered over her uncertain of what to do but we were all obviously happy she was safe.

” Where were you?” Linda screamed at her.

” Please don’t trouble her” The young man that came with Kelvin said.

Tosin. His name was Tosin, there was a scandal in his family five years ago.

We led Vicky into the house. I was happy my baby was back home in my arms. Thank the good lord for that.

” You owe us some explanation you Sluut!” Linda spat out.

”  How could you say that about your sister?” Kelvin asked.” I am not surprised tho”

I took Vicky upstairs and helped her into the bath. She was visibly shaken and in shock. Joseph knocked softly on the door and i left her in the bath to see him.

” Maggie how is she?”

” She is shaken but she will be fine”

” I was so worried and scared we will never find her”.

I touched his cheek gently.” Joe Nwosu, she is home now and she is safe. Have you called the doctor? ”

“Doctor? Mba.  I will go give him a call now”

I leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.

” She will be fine.”

” Maggie when do we tell her? ”

” Obviously not now. We will eventually tell them but it might change things for us”

” I want us all to be happy as one big family.”

” I know my love. Please go give the doctor a call and keep Linda from our backs”

He sighed.” Why is she so heartless and bitter? She used to be a sweet little angel but she turned sour immediately her mother died. ”

” Our paths has been laid down for us before we were even born. Linda is just……..Linda. We can only continue to love her and pray for her….umn?”

He sighed again. ” Let me go give that doctor a call now ”

I returned into the room. Victoria was already on the bed, she looked so small and frightened. The  look on her face broke my heart into a million pieces.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 26, 2016 — 6:56 pm

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