Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 17


A Story written by Gaglo Blessing (

Victoria was just like her aunt, she was kind and gentle but she was a very quiet person. Too quiet. There was something about her, an aura, maybe i was imagining things but it was like she was afraid of the world. It was like she was guarding an open secret. I know how it feels when i get looks from ladies because my hair wasn’t in place, because my dress was just a bit rumpled.

They don’t know how hard i try to fit in, they don’t know how hard i try to be like them but it doesn’t last more than a week or two before i go back into my shell. Neither do they know how many relationship i lost just because they judged me before getting to know the real me. I perceived that fear and shame of not been accepted in Victoria too.

” Tomi! Are you sure you are alright? ”

miss maggie was worried.

” Yes, yes I’ m fine”

” Like i said, i want a favour from you. I know you are some few years older than Vicky but i will still beg this favor of you. I want you to befriend her”

” Befriend  Miss Victoria ?” I asked in surprise. ” Like become her friend?”

” Yes. She need a friend and someone she could relate with apart from me……… You know how you youngsters are. You know, someone to share boy talks with and all those funky things you young people do.” She laughed. ” Will you consider it?”

On the few occasions i met Victoria she was very polite but quiet. She rarely comes to the office or social events which her sister likes to grace. I knew nothing about her but for Miss Maggie’ s sake i will give her a chance.

” Yes…….i will be her friend. I will give it a shot.”

Her face lit up with joy.” Oh thank you! i have told her so much about you already! will it be too much trouble if i ask you to see her tonight? ”

” My boss……” i began.

” She’s going to a dinner party with her father”

” Alright ma”.

” Tidy up your table on time…….i will pick you up by 4 pm and take you back home by 6 pm. Is that Okay with you?”

Miss Maggie was true to her words. She came for me by 4 pm. It was the first time i would be going to their home. The house was so big, my parents’ bungalow surely will fit into the grand living room.

” what do i offer you?”

” I am okay”

” Let me take you to her room”

She took me upstairs and knocked lightly on the door.  I was surpised. My parents never knocks, they barge and complain about you making them walk into your room after they must have shouted your name twice and the next thing that follows it is a knock on your forehead.

” Come in” a soft feminine voice said.

We entered the beautiful room. Victoria was on the bed, bent like a foetus in the tummy and her hands were between her thighs.

” Sweetie, Tomi wanted to see you so i brought her here…….hope you don’t mind.”

” Its OK”

Miss Maggie laughed and gave me a wink.

” I will leave you two to discuss ‘ girl ‘ stuff. ”

She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. I stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

” I know she cajoled you here”

” Its okay. I wanted to talk to someone too……may i sit down? ”

She nodded her head and i sat on the bed.

” What happened to your face?”

She must have read the reluctance to reply in my eyes.

” I ‘ m sorry” she said.

” My ex_boyfriend hit me”

” That’s terrible…… you shouldn’t let him treat you so.”

” He’ s out of my life now”

She sat up. ” What does it feel like?”

” What? ”

” Having a boyfriend ”

To Be Continued…

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