Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 18


A Story written by Gaglo Blessing (

I couldn’t help laughing. ” Surely you must have had boyfriends! you are beautiful and you dress so well unlike me!”

” I have never had one.” She sighed.

” Are you serious? ”

” Yes.”

” Is that the crisis Miss Maggie mentioned? ” i blurted out foolishly and wished i could take the words back.” Sorry, i shouldn’t have said that.”

” No……i was kidnapped. ”

I gasped. ” Thank God you are okay…….we didn’t hear it in the office.”

” My dad wanted it to be kept private……only few family friends knew.”

I didn’t know when i pulled her into my arms.

” That must have been a terrible experience for you…..did they hurt you?”

” No……..i was blindfolded me and held hostage without food or water. They pushed me into the trunk of their car several hours later and they dropped me on the road and sped off……it was so weird. They didn’t even demand for ransome”

” Thank God you are alright. It was the lord’ s doing that they didn’t hurt you.”

” Maybe”

No wonder Miss Maggie wanted me to see her. I doubt if Linda has ever uttered a kind word to her own sister.

” So how does it feel having a boyfriend?” She asked again.

” It feels like jumping off a bridge with a blindfold on……. because you don’t know what is below or if there’s someone there to catch you.”

She laughed. ” If it is so, i don’t want to have one.”

I laughed. ” It isn’t always so…..sometimes it feels like taking a walk in the park with your best friend.”

” Wow! i like that part! the only date i have been on was when i paid Dantata 20 k to be my date. Every other girl had a date except me so i paid for one. ”

” Did he accept?”

” Yes”

I sighed.

” You are too beautiful to pay for dates ” i glanced at the face of my broken wrist watch. ” My time is far spent…. I ‘ m afraid i have to take my leave”

” Won’t you stay for dinner? ”

” Some other time.” I promised.

” Thank you for coming Tomi…….will  i see you tomorrow again?” She asked with hope.

” You will ”

That was how my friendship with Vicky started.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 29, 2016 — 7:20 pm

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