Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 36


A Story written by Gaglo Blessing

That familiar voice had me relaxing and i unlocked the door. There were two  big, long and short carton  boxes  beside him  and he was grinning like father Christmas on a Christmas eve.

” What is this?”

” Good morning to you too. ” he said, lifting one of the boxes with all his might.

I could see his muscles rippling under his shirt, my eyes lingered on him for so long, i realized that i was staring and i tore my eyes away. He brought in the smaller box and shut the door.

” What is in the box?” i asked again.

He pointed to the bigger box.” This one is a washing machine, it also dries clothes.” , pointing to the smaller box he said.” And this is a dish washer”

I crossed my arms across my chest. I was waiting for that feeling of anger to wash over me  but strangely i felt amused. I couldn’t help the bubbly laughter that escaped between my lips.

” You threw away my dishes and pots! I don’t have any left.”

” Get another set of dishes and pots.”

He looked so gorgeous. The angles of his face were perfectly sculptured. His dark eyes, made him look more beautiful. I swallowed hard, i could swore i swallowed my heart right then.  I couldn’t help staring at him, he was lean, yet his upper arms were enormous and i could literally feel the amazing strength in them.

” You are staring” he said with a little knowing smile. ” like what you see?”

” No. I was just thinking that you look so much like Johny bravo. Tiny waist like wasp, and a big upper body like that of Mr crabs in spongebob.” I smirked, walking towards the kitchen to set up something for breakfast.

I could feel his gaze burning into my back, i deliberately moved my hips left, right, in a seductive manner just to taunt him. Serves him just right for poking his nose in my business.

To Be Continued…

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