Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 70

A Story Written By Gaglo Blessing… 

Kelvin released me from his arms and he went around to the other side of the car to open the door for me. I got into the car and fastened on my seat belt. He sat, staring at me, he leaned forward and claimed my lips again.
” I am never letting go of you again Tomi. I don’t think i can survive another heart attack such as the one you gave me weeks ago.” 
” I won’t ever leave again, i promise you”.
” I won’t have peace of mine until you become mine legally, to hold and love.” 
He rolled the car out of the park, his gaze still on me. He started whistling and grinning happily.  We continued the ride in blissful silence, each one of  us, happy to have found the other again. He stopped in front of a jeweler’ s shop and he drew me closer into his arms.
” Baby i know i should ask first. And i never thought i would ask this way but will you marry me?” 
I remained silent. The stealthy beat of my heart matching his. He drew back, looking at me, his eyes searching my face. 
” What took you so long?” I asked in mock anger.
He let out a pearl of laughter and pulled me into his arms once again. I felt at home, there in his arms, his arms tightened around my shoulders protectively.  This was where i belonged, this was my home.
” What do you say we look at the rings? I want you to have the most expensive stone they have. If you don’t like the types they have i can order it from Italy”.
I drew him closer, our breathe became one, our heartbeat was a perfect rythmn.
” I don’t care if you place a rubber ring on my finger kelvin. As long as i can be in your arms forever then i am content. ”  I kissed him softly on his lips.

” There will be a wedding ” he said.
I whirled around. ” Whose?” 
” Ours” he replied. 
” Oh Tosin! I can’t let you make such a huge sacrifice!”
” It will be a marriage in name only and it will only last for the duration of six months or thereabout which i think is enough time to sort out the mess your father created. ‘
I blinked back tears. How could these people who  i have caused one grief or the other in the past put aside their own happiness to ensure mine? I have been so rude to him in the past and i have never regarded him as anything other than a fly on the wall and Kelvin ‘ s shadow. How many times have i turned my nose down at him? how many times have i said one derogatory word or the other to him? Many times than i could count on my fingers.  I wouldn’t let him go through with it , i couldn’t do that to Victoria, i would be blind not to know that she was sweet on him. 

” No. Tosin, i appreciate you doing this for me but…..”

” I am not doing it for you!” He snapped. ” I owe it to Kelvin for having my back on countless occasions! that is what friends do! i doubt if you would even understand it.”

I nodded my head. ” I will pay you” i heard the old Linda said, the part of me that liked to always be in control of things ” Name your price ”
He shook his head. ” You will never understand. It is not everyone that can easily be bought and i won’t have you lump me in with your class of people, who have no conscience ” he said, walking towards the door. ” I will go see the pastor and i will send your father to bring you out. ”
”  I am sorry. How about Vicky? Isn’t she your girlfriend?”
” Let that be my headache. You want to wed today or what?”  He threw back, walking out of the room slamming the door.
Onyinye came in, her eyes dancing with questions.
” What happened? What were you discussing and where is Kelvin?” She asked. ” He dumped your a$$?” 
” Onyinye why do i have this feeling that you are gloating? Find something amusing?”

She burst into laughter. ” Isn’t it funny the way you have quickly changed your skin like a chameleon? I have been observing you ever since that Tomi girl died. What’s the plan and why wasn’t i let in on it? “.
I blew out air exasperatedly. ” So you didn’t feel any remorse at the news of her death? and you thought that i was acting? seriously where is your conscience? “I asked, i decided not to let her know that Tomi was alive.
”  You can’t blame me for thinking so. I have always known you to be a cold biitch and all of a sudden you turned as sweet and easy as a candy.”
”  That is not the real me, Onyinye. That was  a facade to hide my true feelings. ”
” So this all rosy sweet and buttered person is the real you? how many people have you cheated? how many times have you shagged a guy you just met? How many relationships have you wrecked? how many…. ”
” Its enough! enough! Where are you going with all these? Yes i am not a saint but i feel touched by the kind gestures of those i have hurt in the past! if they can try to help without nailing me first for my past sins then the least i can do is to be just a little bit nicer! Unlike you Onyinye i don’t enjoy tormenting others! and whatever i did in the past i did it because i had to! You think that you know me but you don’t! ” 
We both turned around as the door creaked open. My father entered the room, he looked so handsome in his white flowing Agbada attire but he had a sad expression on his face. Onyinye sighed rudely and went out of the room.

” Baby girl” Dad said quietly.
To Be Continued… 

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