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I was furiously typing my resignation letter on my laptop when an unknown number popped up on the screen of my phone.

” Your leave has been cut short. Send the proposal and other documents I asked you to draft now. We have a meeting in Abuja tomorrow, the driver will pick you up by 8.30 am. By the way don’t wear one of those your tacky suit.” Linda said and hung up.

I fumed and cursed under my breath. My phone rang out again and i reached for the phone, prepared to give Linda a piece of my mind but my dad was the caller. I took a deep breath and answered it.

” Hello Daddy!” i said in the most cheerful voice i could muster.

” Hello Omo dada ( good child) how are you? Woman lower the volume of the Tv!”

I could hear mom bickering in the background as she tune down the volume of the old Tv Set,Their playful banter brought a smile to my lips.

” Hello Eyitomi are you there? your…your mother is going deaf o. If she persist in this way i will go look for a young girl to marry”

I could hear mummy telling him to go look for the young girl.

” No woman can hold a candle to my mother” i said.

” Oh oooo, i know you will take sides with her. Ehen i have priced the mini bus, it is six hundred and fifty thousand naira”.

How could i have forgotten about that? My dad was retired now and waiting for his pension money to come through is like waiting for the second coming of Christ. I asked him to purchase a bus which will be given to a driver who will work and deliver.

” OK sir”

” When will you send the money you promised me?”

How do i tell him that i was typing my resignation letter at that very moment? i mentally calculated how much will be left in my account if i give him half of the money. I will definitely go broke, i stared at the screen of my laptop as tears filled my eyes. I wiped it away with the back of my palm.

” I will transfer three hundred and fifty thousand naira to you tonight ” i heard myself reply.

I heard him sigh happily and it gladdened my heart.

” Okare Omo Ekun, ose, your children will also do same for you ”

” Amen”

He handed the phone to mummy who rained more prayers into my life. God knows i need those prayers. I deleted the resignation letter I was typing, i sent the proposal and documents to Linda’ s mail before i could change my mind. I had no choice anyway, where will i get another job that will pay me as much as my current job?

To Be Continued…

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