Must Read: Twine (A Drama Series)… Part 94

A Story Written By Gaglo Blessing… 


I dapped at the tears sneaking out of my eyes with an handkerchief while  staring into his beautiful eyes, my hands found his and i gave them a gentle squeeze. We were on our first date, at a cosy little inn which served varieties of Continental dishes. We were on our third course, when i begged Dantata to tell me about his childhood. By the time he was done talking, i knew we had more  in common. I couldn’t stop my eyes from swelling up with tears when he told me his father’ s death was staged and the part his mother played in it. I couldn’t imagine how heartbroken he was, only a young boy of fifteen then, when he was told his father had died in a plane crash. There was a certain kind of succor in the news of his father being alive but it also shows his life had been a lie.

” Thank you for sharing this with me” i said.

” You are welcome” he replied.” Since we have ruined our dinner with talk of my family, let’s talk about yours. When are you going to see her?”

” I……I don’t think i am ready to see her”

” You know there are three sides to a story. Hers, theirs, and the truth. You deserve to hear hers too.”  He said.

” I only want to hear the truth and i don’t know if she is ready to part with it.” I said.

” You may never know until you see her.” He replied.

” I….will you….will you go with me?” i asked.

” No” He stated.” You have to do it on your own”

” For the first time in my life i would be meeting my mother. What do i tell her?” i asked.

” You don’t have to tell her anything. Let her tell you instead” he said, ” You will be fine”.

” You think? ” i asked, sadly.

” Yea, you will” he replied.
I took a deep breath and pushed the door open. The room was semi dark, there was a long table with two chairs one of which was already occupied. She glanced up, her arms folded across her chest defensively. I sat down on the vacant chair, gently. We both sat in silence until i  exhaled deeply. What do you ask someone who murdered another human and pretended to be your aunt your whole life? where do i even start from?

” I don’t regret it” She said suddenly.

” What?’  i asked in confusion.

” I don’t regret killing Jenny. She took my baby away from me, i was only defending my own”She stated.

” Why did you keep up the charade of her being…..being my mother even after her death?” i asked, in pain.
She sighed heavily.” What do you want Victoria?”

” The truth. Who are you?, i want the truth.”

” My name is Margaret. I was left on the doorsteps of St. Micheal’ s orphanage as a baby. I grew up in the orphanage, the nuns were my teacher.The mother superior was my mother, the other motherless children were my siblings and Jesus Christ was our father.” She said, ” I saw Onyinye on the doorsteps of the orphanage when i was ten years old. She was wrapped in a pink shawl”. Something flickered on her face briefly.” She became my world,my……own. I left the orphanage when i was fourteen”.

” Why did you leave?”

” I was being abused”

” By Whom?”.

” The Mother Superior”.

”  That is terrible. You were so young. How did you survive when you left?”

” I made some friends on the street who later became my family.The head of the family, Garo, asked me to marry him and i agreed just so i could have a roof over my head.” She went on,” Not long after we moved in i became pregnant and Garo died”.

” Garo……is he… father? ” i asked.” How? Isn’t …isn’t Chief my father? ”

” No that was before i met him. I lost that pregnancy. I was hit by a car while hawking. Jennifer hit me with her car and i lost my pregnancy. ” She said.

I nodded. No wonder she was so unrepentant. 
To Be Continued… 

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