A Story Written By Gaglo Blessing… 

The two elderly lawyers stood up and we did same too. Linda and i shook hands with them and we saw them out before coming back inside our living room.

” So dad willed everything equally amongst the three of us.” I said.

” Yea” Linda said, with laughter.” I miss him”

” Me too” i said.

She sighed and dropped on the sofa.” I have a lot of work on my hands now. Do you think Auntie Maggie’s lawyer did well for her? is five years not too much?She asked, the trial was yesterday. She had gotten five years as a result of the circumstances surrounding the murder and her age at the time of the murder. Onyinye’ s death and the attempt on Chief was treated as an accident.

”   I think that is fair since she was a minor when….when….”

” When she poisoined my mother. My heart went to her when she broke down in tears after she heard her sentence. Five years is such a long time to be locked up” Linda said.

To Be Continued… 

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