Must Read: Twist Of Fate (18+)… Part 107

Tracy: (cont.)….those guy are not our of them is vera’s cousin,while the other two r his friends.they are students of Benson idahosa university.vera beckoned on me and vivian to come keep them first we declined considering the fact it was quite impromptu.she persuaded us,and agreed.

Me:intriguing(i lied on the bed)..

Tracy:u wan sleep?

Me:no just wan lie down,continue am which among them is her cousin?

Tracy: (she lied next to me)the first one,his name is: Onome,the guy u saw me with(the 2nd guy)is Daniel by name while the third guy is ehis,relative to the guy sitting with u guys.

Me:its like they came for adventure?

Tracy:how do u mean?

Me:they came to flex,catch fun with uniben girls,etc?

Tracy: (she became shy,looking up at the celling it was as if she wanted to sob).

Me:u r speechless huh,is there anything u r not telling me?why am i even asking such question.i saw them getting a good run for their money.they were ofcourse flexing,the touching was just the beginning i guess.

Tracy: (sobbing)baby it wasn’t.pls allow me explain na(she said kneeling down,sobbing).

Me:explain what tracy?ok why not start by explaining why u didn’t pick my call at first ring as well as why u dropped my call even before i could do it myself.

Tracy:baby am sorry about not picking at first ring,i left my phone in my bag and when to ease-myself that was why.and as regards dropping the call,i did that out of fear that people talking at the background might jokingly say something that u might not like,for vera was beginning to tease so sorry honey.(she said holding my hands).

Me:hmmm……interesting,anyway thanks for the how about the…

Tracy: (cutting me short)about Daniel touching my Bosom.i can explain that:vera caused it,he was mocked of being shy,vera alleged i was too expensive for him and that she can bet he can’t dare look into my eyes for 1minute let alone touching me.

Me:hmmm……..what would have led to such joke(s),i mean,i thought u said u ladies don’t know them before?

Tracy:yes i and vivian don’t but vera knows them very well,infact the guy has crush on her,that was why he was bent on defending her.

Me:i see,so what then happened.

Tracy:well,onome,vera’s cousin supported his sister asking Daniel to proof them wrong.Daniel fired back by saying he was gonna do that on two conditions,one for each: (1)onome will first of all do thesame thing he’s been asked to do because according to him,onome is more shy than he was.onome did as was challenged to do,by touching vivian.(2)vera will agree to go out on a date with him alone.vera agreed right away.and…(i cut her short)

Me:bleep it,u agreed to him touching u huh?(i said sitting upright).

Tracy:no baby,i didn’t.i protested but was overwhelmed(she started wailing)even as he touched me,i resisted him(she added).

Me:u resisted him or u were smiling sheepishly forming hard to get.

Tracy: preposterous!me forming hard to get?omg!baby what the hell do u take me for,huh?am i that cheap and useless to u…(she said standing up,heading to where her shirt was picked it and started wearing it).

Me:what are u doing?

Tracy:what does it look like am doing.u ain’t blind,r u?

Me:is it me u r talking to that way?tracy what has come over u,huh?

Tracy:john nothing has come over me.(she said carrying her bag and heading towards the door).am happy i’ve abreast u with all that happened,i told u nothing but the truth,i begged u even beyond expectations,yet all i get is insult/disrespect(she said sobbing).

Me:don’t u dare open that door,am sure u r happy now.i mean can u see why i said we shouldnt talk about this?just look at the end result.

Tracy:if we had not talked about it would i’ve known hw cheap and stupid I’m to u?(she opens d door)what will u do.. 

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Updated: Dec 6, 2017 — 4:22 pm

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