Must Read: Twist Of Fate (18+)… Part 108

Tracy: (opens the door)what will u do,now that i have dared u by opening the door?

Me: (i was dumbfounded and spell bound in deep thought nay (self)filibustering(my mind was debating against itself):
mind A:guy beg her,don’t allow her leave just like that.
Mind B: (countering mind A)which kind nonsense suggestion b that,allow her make she go can she dare u by opening the door and u still beg her to “stay put”,arrant nonsense.u r the man here,so behave like one.
Mind A: pls don’t allow pride worsen things for u,u r at fault,begging her doesn’t stop u from being the man,infact it further proves that u r truly the man,a real man at that,for being able to resolve d dispute between u both,instead of hurting her.(while this was going on someone passed through the veranda).
Mind B:this has got nothing to do with pride,its called self-esteem.and as a man u really have to protect your ego.what if as u kneel down to beg her now somebody passes and since she has opened the door,the person sees u kneeling down to beg her,what impression will that give about u as a man.

I was brought back to reality when i heard my net-door being banged by force.that was when i realised Tracy had left closing the net-door behind herself with full force.

“baby pls wait,don’t go.Pls wait for me”,i said running after her.on getting outside,just half way to where she was,it became clear to me that i was wearing only boxer and singlet,i ran back to my room,picked up a 3-quarter,and within a minute i was done wearing it and then started running after tracy.before i could get close to her she stopped a bike that was passing and climbed.
Me:”baby pls wait,pls don’t go na,lets iron this out,bros abeg no vex,wait”.i added(referring to the bike man)…
Tracy: (ignoring my presence)oga if u no wan go,tel me make i come down dey go where i dey go.

The bike man zoomed off with full force,bathing me with smoke and sand…baby where are u going,i asked watching them leave.after few second,i turned,heading home,alas people were watching us:
“man guy na “back”u wear oh”(a guy said pointing at my 3-quarter).
I looked at the 3-quarter and noticed that truly i was wearing back,as i was about raising my head up,laughter from different directions(from those watching upstairs,to those outside etc.)i was forced me to put my head down.

“my guy i understand,u no need explain,its part of the things u need face as a man”the guy said.
“cheer up baby,its part of life,poo happens(a lady with need voice standing next to the guy said).
Her voice was too nice so i raise my head to look at her,alas i was force to put my head down wen people started laughing and mockery me again.
“conji na bastard,see wetin toto make bros go through”..that led to another round of laughter.
“my guy come over,igbo(weed)dey here make u take am calm urself down”.they lol again.
“bros,oluku(an ashawo joint)no far na,its just #500,anytime conji hold u,enter need to worry or embarrass urself ok”etc.
The afore-mentioned and many more were the things people said to me and i head home,i sweating badly but became a little relieved on getting to my hostel until another round of shame i never envisage occurred…

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Updated: Dec 6, 2017 — 4:23 pm

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