Must Read: Twist Of Fate (18+)… Part 109

Yes another show of shame occurred.just as i approach the entrance of my lodge,three of my lodge mates(two boys and a girl)were coming outside to chill and receive fresh air.we almost stumble into each other,after a little exchange of of the guys said:

Guy A:bros,come follow us relax outside as light no dey.
Before i even answer,the girl quickly poke-nose.
Girl A:ah ah,u no dey observe.john dey like person way need company nw?em babe nack am akpako.
They all looked at me,i guess they saw my dressing and burst laugh.
Guy B:guy sorry oh,no mind us.go change before “them come back o”….u know the “them” na.(they all started laughing again).
Just then Nancy returned.i follow them laugh nay smile then stylishly enter inside as they cheered and mocked me consecutively.i was the bone of contention for some minutes before they finally change topic.on getting inside i sharply remove cloth,enter bathroom within minutes i was out.i sat on the chair thinking things over,my mind started debating again.what should i do now,should i go beg her.what’s the probability that i won’t equally be embarrassed there,these and many more were the thoughts i was dwelling on.

Nancy entered my room,tried flowing with me but i wasn’t that lively despite my attempt to play along,she later left for church.i picked my phone called tracy but she wasn’t picking,i texted her at intervals begging yet she wasn’t still picking instead she off her phone.a part of me started mocking me;see as u allow pride mess u u r just no longer the man,but a laughing stock to everyone.i summoned,arraigned and judge myself,by myself.i found myself guilty but discharge and acquit myself taking into cognizance the fact that i underwent more than enough humiliation for my offence.I’ll give her time to recuperate.but that girl get mind sha.i concluded

I called Mary,informing her about my coming.she told me she will be waiting.abeg make sure food dey oh,i said before dropping the call.i carried my wallet,phone and notebook.on my way going i saw Debbie in a close-by shop,i branch there,i disguised myself by buying something and that gave me the opportunity to equally pay for the things she we left the shop,she tried bringing up the love-shii.i begged her to pend it,that its wasn’t something we could discourse now and there.i give her small change”use am buy recharge card”.she thanked me for my benevolence”i never knew u were this caring,i love u even more,she me,i did all of that just to satisfy my conscience,yes,i needed to free my mind as the money i spent on her indeed equated for the “fun she offered me”not minding that we both enjoyed ourselves,that’s if she didn’t enjoy it more.

(maybe she did,afterall am told during S£x,ladies enjoy it more than men as a result of the series of orgasm they have even before the man gets his first orgasm.ladies,guys na lie i talk?)

I left her,i went to tracy’s place but met her absence.a girl i met told me she left like 5mins ago”i guess she’s coming to ur place,call her na”she added.”not reachable,i guess her battery is dead”i said pretending like all was well.”thanks anyway”i added,taking my leave.

I stopped to buy suya,milk and condom,yea i forgot CD for house so i needed to get new match na must win.i truly need am,to take cool down my nerves,my country people na lie?

On getting to Mary’s place,a very beautiful girl(an extrovert) was keeping her company,they were watching nollywood movie.i greeted them and the girl answered first:
Me:goodevening bosses…
Girl:ah,bros welcome once more to our humble,swaggalicious hostel.
Me: (lol)”once more,once more”…(i kept muttering).
Girl:lol,don’t mind me,but i sha know’ve seen u here before,anyway am tessy,am a talkative right?(she winked as we shook hands).

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Updated: Dec 6, 2017 — 4:23 pm

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