Must Read: When Tears Brings Yes… Part 2


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

Amaka sat up groggily. She placed her palm against her burning forehead. Why was she still in her day clothes? why had she gone to bed in her day clothes? she pondered. She reached for her phone beside her on the bed. She saw a new message notification and clicked on it.

” Sister Amaka your attention is needed” from pastor. She fired a quick reply to him and called her boss to ask for a day off. She hurried out of bed into the bathroom then the events of the previous day came rushing at her. She remembered Micheal threatning to leave her if she failed to return the child. She had gone to a pharmacy close to his house to buy diapers,baby food and other baby items. She also remembered feeding the little baby and putting her to sleep in the guest room. She had thought the poor thing would keep her up all night but surprisingly they both had a peaceful night. She took her bath quickly and went into the guest room.

The baby was playing with her foot raised up in the air. She smiled at Amaka when she entered revealing her bare gum. Something about this child tugged at her heart and awaken some maternal feelings she never thought she possessed. Amaka warmed some water and gave the baby a quick bath and fed her. She packed an extra bag for her. She gave her mechanic a call, describing the location her car had broken down before going out of her flat.

She hailed a cab and went to the police station nearest to her place of resident. She was given a form to write a statement while the female officers on duty cooed over the baby and cursed the mother of the child for throwing such a precious thing away. She was led to the DPO’ s office afterwards, the pot bellied man was more interested in staring at her bosom than the issue she brought before him. He advised her to either adopt the child or take her to a registered orphanage. She thanked him and went to see her pastor. The pastor’ s secretary didn’t respond to her greeting. She informed Amaka rudely that they were waiting for her. They? she wondered who else was waiting for her. She knocked on the pastor’ s office door and entered. Micheal sat in front of the pastor.

” Good morning sir”

” Sister Amaka so it is true! how could you do this grave thing?”

Grave thing? what was her pastor talking about?all she had done was to extend a helping hand towards a helpless little child. ” Sir let me explain_”

” Explain what? Brother Micheal has explained everything to me!”

“Just what did he explain to you sir? did he tell you how he chased me away from his house last night?” She wasn’t asked to sit down so she stood with her baby sleeping on her shoulder.

” You don’t know who the mother of the child is, you dont know if the mother was murdered or if the child had been stolen! You could be arrested for kidnapping” Her sensible pastor said.

” Pastor please just tell her to return the child and all will be OK.” Micheal wondered if Amaka was truly the woman for him, he had tried his best to make her the woman fit to be by his side but she was just too obstinate and he was ready to move on. Imagine her trying to ruin everything he had worked so hard to build over the years. Just a little mistake is all it takes to bring down a man.

” I have reported to the authorities already sir. I was only trying to help.”

The pastor could see selfishness in Micheal’ s eyes, how could he be so hard hearted? but he knew if he wanted to continue enjoying some certain kind of luxuries he had to take his side. It was Micheal that gave him a new car, it was Micheal that was sponsoring his children’ s education. No matter how self centered he was he just had to take sides with him.

” Bro Micheal please excuse us for a minute”.

Micheal left the office muttering under his breath.

” Sister Amaka please sit down. ” Everything he holds dear is at stake if sister Amaka refused to cooperate. His hand absently touched the wads of money in his pocket and he smiled. ” You are engaged to Brother Micheal, when it comes to decisions that could make or mar your future it has to be one of mutual agreement. He has the right to order you to return the child because he cares for you. Moreover have you forgotten what the bible said about submissiveness? ”

” Sir the bible also talked about loving our neighbors as ourselves. I have not done anything wrong in trying to help”

” Yes i know and i am happy that you tried to help when you could. But you can’t jeopardize your relationship because of this, how about your job?  raising a child is not an easy task. I have called an orphanage just before you came, they are willing to take the child in. Tomorrow evening i will personally drive you down there.”

” OK sir, thank you”. She said accepting defeat. How could she disobey her pastor? If the man of God said she should take the child to an orphanage then she would.He should know better right? besides he was right about her job. How would she cope with a child?

To Be Continued…

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