Must Read: When Tears Brings Yes… Part 3


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

Amaka fed her baby. Yes. This little cherub is hers now, she couldn’t help thinking of her as her own. She burped the child and placed her gently on her settee while she gave her mechanic a call. He promised to bring her car the next day. She disconnected the call in anger and picked her bags with her left hand, she lifted the baby gently on to her shoulder. Her pastor was right about one thing,caring for  a baby wasn’t an easy task.

The cab she took crawled slowly at snail pace, the traffic on third mainland bridge was hectic as usual. She sighed in frustration. She unlocked her phone for the first time that morning and was stunned to see several email and message notifications. She checked her mail and her fears was confirmed. Her boss had indeed sent her several mails last night informing her of an emergency board meeting at 7 am. She glanced at her wrist watch and sighed deeply. 8.00am.

Why had she decided to help the baby in the first place?her relationship is slowly going down the drain and now she had just put her job at risk. She had stayed up all night with the baby who was restless and she had ended up over sleeping.

She hurried into the reception area, her hair was matted to her forehead with sweat. Her blouse was stained with baby milk at the front. She knew she looked disheveled but she was past the point of caring. Her boss, some colleagues and two white men stepped out of the board room, they looked at her momentarily before carrying on with their handshakes. She went into her office and slumped in to her chair. Her P.A came in, she gave the baby to her and left the office.

She knocked softly on the CEO’ s office door before entering. ” Good morning sir, i apologize for coming late. Am so sorry…”

” Do you know what you have cost this company? You kept our foreign investors waiting for over two hours!  Take a look at yourself! You look like a mad woman! how dare you even bring a child to the office! Is this a creche? Please leave my office at once!”

” Sir, please let me explain ”

” Please leave”.

She walked back into her office on shaky legs. Her P.A handed her an envelope, she told her it was from human resources. She opened it and read the letter, she had been placed on a two weeks suspension. Why me lord? i only tried to help! She couldn’t lose her job, her job was very important to her and she had worked hard to be where she was. Her phone beeped on her desk and she picked it up. ” Is 5pm alright with you?it is better if we take the child to the orphanage in the evening.”_Pastor.

She collected the baby from her P.A and picked up her bags. This child had done her more harm than good. First it was micheal, now her job, she was ready to take this ‘ bad luck’ to the orphanage. Her P.A silently wondered what was going on, she felt sorry for her boss, she offered to help her carry one of the bags but her boss insisted on carrying it herself. She only hopes her boss knows what she was doing.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 14, 2016 — 3:02 pm

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