Must Read: When Tears Brings Yes… Part 4


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

Amaka went to pick her car from the mechanic and drove to her church. She carried her sleeping child from the back seat. She ignored the secretary who stood glaring at her. She entered the Pastor’ s office after a soft knock and was surprised to see Micheal seated. He stood up and gave her a peck. She was taken aback, he had even greeted her warmly and called her ‘ dear’.

”  Welcome sister Amaka” Pastor said warmly. ” The orphanage is at lekki we should be there by 7  pm”.

” Sweetheart shall we?”

She looked from the Pastor to Micheal.  Is this the right thing to do?  ” I want to keep her”.

” What?” Chorused both her pastor and fiance in surprise.

” Sister Amaka please give us a moment “. Pastor said. She walked out of the office in exasperation.

” Bro Micheal why are you so set against her keeping the child”

” If Amaka cannot obey me now, how will she be when i marry her?women should be submissive and do as they are told! i don’t want anything that will put even a blemish on my person! How anyone would keep a child whose back ground they know nothing of baffles me! that child could have been sired by a mad man! Or brought into this world by a wh0re!” .

Pastor knew it was getting beyond his control. He knew the right thing to do but he was afraid of offending Micheal. Maybe he could try to convince Amaka to let go of the child. He called her in. ” Sister Amaka you have to listen to me! can your pastor lead you astray? am telling you what the lord told me! you have to take the child to an orphanage. ”

For the first time in three years Amaka saw through her pastor, She knew he was indebted to Micheal but she never imagined that the grip Micheal had on the man was this tight. How could he advise her to take the child to the orphanage just to please Micheal.

” Amaka if you insist on keeping that thing then am done with you!” Micheal spat out angrily.

She removed her engagement ring and placed it on the pastor’ s desk. She thanked them both and went out of the office. The pastor closed his eyes as guilt assailed him.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 14, 2016 — 7:51 pm

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