Must Read: Whispers On Christmas Night (Horror)… Part 2

Written by Goodhearts… If you missed part One, read it HERE!!!

The rains were now pouring hard with lightening ripping the dark sky and casting hideous shadows within
the mansion. Marie was now deep in slumber and falling into an abyss of nightmare….

“Emily…. Emily….” the chilly voice in her dreams whispered her daughters name down the stairs.

The dream looked so real and it was also raining like in real life as she could feel the goose bumps coat
her pink skin. In that dream she was all alone at home, and she got out of bed (still in the dream) and
followed the voice down the stairs. The stairway was pitch dark, but she kept walking ahead, trailing the
voice as if she was under a spell.

***Back in Emily’s room***

Just like in her mother’s dream, Emily could hear the voice too; but this time in real life. She heard the
first call of the creepy voice at the same time her mother fell into the nightmare. Emily stirred in bed and
turned to face the door
“Mummy?” she called “Is that you?”

There was no answer as the voice kept calling and the door slowly creaked open on it’s own. Emily in her
childish innocence had hoped it was her mum and stepped out of bed. She turned around to look for the
cat but he was no where to be found. Gently walking through the door, she headed into the lonely dark
corridor of the mansion.

***Meanwhile, Marie’s nightmare continues***

She was now down the first flight of stairs as the voice kept drawing backwards. It was as if each step
she took, the owner of the voice would step backwards too. She could hardly see her way through while
she walked, but the continuous flash of lightening created a luminescence that kept her going .

It was certain that a part of her was unconscious of her actions, while the other part really wanted to
know the source of the silent whispers. And as she came down to the ground floor, there was another
flash of lightening and in that brief moment she thought she saw the hem of someone’s white night gown,
as the person swiftly walked into a room at the end of the corridor. Marie wanted to see who it was, so
she quickly strutted forward and came before the door to the room. Gradually she opened it (the room was
also pitch dark) and saw the figure of a little girl standing in the shadows with her back to her. With the
aid of the lightening, Marie noticed the little girl stood like Emily, but had a longer and darker hair than
that of Emily. And that got Marie confused if it was really her daughter, so she stepped forward into the
room….She was bound to find out.

“Emily… is that you?” Marie asked, but the figure remained motionless with her backside still facing the

Marie now extended her hands carefully towards the figure, and immediately her hand fell on the shoulder
of the little figure, there was a bright flash of another lightening and the figure suddenly turned to face
Marie as she noticed the white popping eyes and bloodied face of the hideous being which made a loud
deafening scream……and Marie woke up swiftly from sleep, panting and sweating.

“What a nightmare”, she muttered.

She turned sideways to see her husband still snoring loudly, that was when she remembered her daughter
Emily. Quickly she jumped out of bed and headed into Emily’s room but she was not there. Then the
memory of the recent dream flashed in her mind and she feared that her daughter could be in danger.

“Oh my God! Emily!” she gasped clutching her breasts and ran downstairs, almost skidding off the
staircase as she came rushing into the sitting room.

Though the sitting room was also dark, she could make out the white nightgown of her daughter as she
sat (crossed legged) on the floor facing the large 15th century painting on the wall.

“Emily, what’re you doing here?” she asked her daughter who turned to face her immediately.

“Mummy I heard my name downstairs” Emily said getting up and walking to hug her mum.”Was it you?”

“No baby” she pecked her daughter “You were probably dreaming”.

Something was definitely wrong Marie was beginning to notice. She had purposely told Emily it was all a
dream so as not to get her scared. That was when she (Marie) made up her mind to move the giant
painting down to the basement the next day while dusting the house.

“Come let’s go back to bed”, she said to Emily and they both climbed up the stairs without noticing a dark
figure zoom past the window outside.

To Be Continued…

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