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Must Read: The Abandoned Child… Part 74

A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic...  Yemisi noticed that I was some how hesitant as I stood up in the bath tub staring down at her...


Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+) ‘Season 2… Part 45

A Story Written Miraxzeebility...  I stood mouth opened as the lady counted out the cash,paid and collected her ticket.  Steve...


Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 100

A Story Written By MoneySoldier... We woke up on Sunday morning and first thing I did was ran to Chemo's shop cos I Wasn't ready yet to ...


Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 2

A Story Written By Nitefury (  **THE COINCIDENCE** IMABONG 17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, somewhere in Oduk...


Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 25

A Story Written By Melekan...  I got back to my company past 4pm and headed straight to drop a report with BAYO before heading to my...


Must Read: Crime And Adventure (18+)… Part 10

?A Story Written By MaziOmenuko...  "Well, if you're staying longer than she, you can call on me and I take you around the city." Sh...


Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And s*x Story)… Part 104

A Story Written By Queenliz...  Loveth moves a bit closer to me. "I know you're not feeling good, but we haven't talked about what...


Must Read: The Benson Family (18+)… Part 18

A Story Written By Zed Agubata...  Nneka was surprised and terrified she had been startled out of her sleep only to have a plump mea...

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