Goodday, lass fever or lassa hemorrhagic fever is another deadly epidemic virus. It has been discovered in some part of the states in our country Nigeria.
It was discovered first in 1969 and since then, there hasn’t been any vaccine to treat the disease. It wasn’t rampant then but the deadly virus is back and as heard from health expert , it starts from what is being put into the mouth. i.e what we eat.
Because we deal with food in MyCookery Zone, have decided to put up this article about the LASSA FEVER VIRUS.
* Headache
* Cough
* Fever
* Tiredness
* Abdominal pain
* Body weakness
* Bleeding from the nose,ear etc.
* Vomit
* Keep your surroundings clean. Ensure you cut the grasses around.
* Prevent rats from having access to both cooked and uncooked food items. Therefore cover foods in plastics especially grains. e.g rice,beans,mill?et etc.
* Prevent rats which are the main source of the virus by setting traps.
* Do not eat contaminated food.
* Wash kitchen utensils properly before and after use. e.g plates,spoons,k?nife,fork etc.
* Close /block opened spaces around the house to prevent rodents from trespassing.
* Mother’s with little kids should always pay attention to them, desist them from picking things and putting into the mouth.
* Never treat a person feeling feverish / sick at home in order not to spread the virus because it is very contagious.
* Wash your hands regularly.

Written By Fagbiye Iyanuoluwa…

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