imageAre you a writer or you have passion for writing? Stop wasting your talent… Why don’t you take this opportunity and participate in “Tosin Silverdam Short Story Challenge” and win N5,000 cash prize.
<strong>How To Participate:</strong>

Send in your short story or article which must not be less than 800 words to
Your article must have an art cover or image as the featured image.
Your short story/article must be submitted between  February 5th to 15th. Submission closes on February 15th.
Your short story/article can be Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Society, Politics, or others… We accept all kinds of stories as long it is meaningful and its meets our requirements.
Your name, short profile and your contacts details, should be attached to the story or article you’re sending.
<strong>How The Winner Is Decided:</strong>

Beginning from 20th of February the shortlisted Stories/articles will be Published on the blog. While the overall winner will be announced on the 25th of February.
The story/article with the highest views and comments wins the the challenge and the cash prize. So if you know you want to win the challenge, once your story is Published on the blog, start sharing on the social media, for your friends to read and comment on your article.
Once again, the story with highest views, comments and most shared on social media wins the cash prize.
<strong>The Winner</strong>

The winner of the short story challenge will be profiled on the blog, his/her picture will be on the sidebar of the blog for 1 month as Celebrity of the month. The payment of the cash prize will be made on the 26th of February to the winner’s bank account.
So what are you waiting for, start sending to

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