#TosinShortStories: My Encounter With A Man Of God

A short story written by me, Tosin Silverdam…

I used to be a church boy, a very devoted christian, a worker in the church, a chorister, baptised with the holy spirit and water (immersion). I was just a teenager, in my first year in the university, i was these fashion freak, my dress sense was top among the teenagers in church, i was bit popular cos i was one of the best singers in the church, i was also popular cos of my feminine look. Yes, my feminine look, i used to swing my waist a lot, my voice was so girlie, i was just too girlie but notwithstanding i’m a boy, a real straight dude.

Then there was this man, he’s married with kids, a minister and he’s was the choir cordinator. Although, i was a choir but that was the teen’s church but we do sing on every first Sunday in the main church. Sometimes if we have a big program, we do join the main choir for ministration. My church was a big church with thousands of worshippers. Church was fun, church was interesting, i enjoyed going to church, not until this man, the so called minister of God polluted my mind.

He’s the church’s choir cordinator, he was friendly, very handsome and very spiritual but he’s very exposed, he should be in his late 30s. I still remember how this whole thing started, shame, shame, shame on some people we call men of God. Yes, i still remember it all started when we joined the main choir for a praise night choir rehearsal. This man was always staring at me, smiling at me, it never occured to me what was happening, he gave me a solo perfomance, i was so happy, wow, to sing a solo in a praise night concert, it was a big deal for me honestly. I liked him so much cos he was very nice to me, giving me special treatment.

This man will just stare at me and smile, sometimes he winks at me. No big deal honestly cos i thought he’s just being friendly. Even when he shakes my hand, he would use his finger to tickle my palm. I didn’t notice cos i was a novice, not my fault, i never knew the man was hitting on me, i never expected such from a minister of God. So one very day after the church service we waited for another rehearsal as per our upcoming praise night concert. Immediately after the rehearsal, i was on my way home with some of my friends, then the minister of God drove pass us, he stopped, he asked if he could give us lift. He said i should seat in the front seat, my other friends sat at the back, i was suppose to be the first person to be dropped cos my house is near by, instead he refused to drop me but dropped my friends off at the bus stop, he said he wanted to see me or talk to me. Then drove to one street, he parked his car, it was like a dream when this man was saying those devilish words. He said he want me and him to be together, joining his middle fingers together, hahahaha. I told him i’m not a girl, that i’m a boy, he said he likes me a lot, now i realized why he’s been nice to me, all the special treatment, the suspicious hand shaking. I told him i can’t, never, i was disappointed a man like him could do such, he was flirting with me, then he puts his hands on my lap. I was so uncomfortable, what is wrong with him, but you know as a well mannered boy, i had to respect him, i don’t want to be rude to him. I politely told him, i can’t. Sigh! Can you believe he then told me to touch his Joystick, i was so irritated, i told him i can’t, he said we should go to a nearby hotel. Probably he thought, i’m an expert in the game, just because i act all feminine, swing my waist and fat buttocks, he never knew i was a novice, i know nothing. For the fact that it is coming from a respected man of God in the church, it is disgusting and dissappointing, i can’t mention the name of the church.

He forced me to touch his Joystick region, he held my hand, i pretended as if i wasn’t interested but you know, i wanna know, lo and behold he put my hand on his Joystick, blood of jesus, he was severely hard, totally erected, not just erected but it was too big, damn big. So the man expect me to allow that thing in my tiny anus, ehnn, God forbid. He was horny, he was begging me to follow him to a cheap hotel so that we could have S£x, are you not surprised? Man of God. I refused, i told him i can’t and i can never, ever do it. He came back to his senses, then he apologized, begged me not to tell anyone about it. He told me to get down from his car, instead of him to go drop me off, i gallantly did that. I found my way home, i was disturbed, i was shocked, still can’t believe it. Ever since that day, this man became hostile to me, not more friendly to the extent that he stripped me off my solo performance for the praise concert. Na wa ooo.

This man preach on the altar once a while, this so called man of God do anoint worshippers with anointing oil during the anointing service. I always make sure he doesn’t anoint me ooo, any anoint service, i make sure i avoid him, God forbid to allow him lay his filthy hand on my head. Yes, i know no body is perfect, we are all human being, we are all sinners, men of God are also human being like me but isn’t it disturbing to see a man who preach on the altar to engage in such acts, ‘Homosexual’. It beats my imagination, anytime i see him step on the altar, i feel like spitting on him. I’m sure he would have done this same thing with another person and i’m so sure someone might fallen a victim. God should have mercy on us all, men of God are not God, they are human like us, they have no immunity against sin, they are someone we should not emulate, please emulate the words in your bible.

Like i said men of God are also human being like you, they are not better than you. I know this is not a new thing to some people, i’ve seen a lot, like some weeks back, my female cousin was at the bus stop waiting for a cab, then a man stopped, offered her a lift, she entered, he requested they visit a guest house, my little cousin refused citing excuses, he didn’t argue, this man brought out his complimentary card and gave it to her, begged her to call him. My cousin checked the complimentary card, she saw the man’s name, it started with ‘Evangelist’, he’s an evangelist, he’s got his own church, he’s an evangelist in his church. Who are the people attending his church? I don’t want to jugde, cos the bible said ‘Judge not’. I find it hard to go to church these days but i’m still a devoted christian, i believe in God, i pray to God and he answers my prayers, when i’m trouble, i run to God not human.

Most people, christians has turn their man of God/pastors to their God. These so called men of God are also human being like you.



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