You #TSDShortShortStoryChallenge: How I Lost My Di-ck To MMM Participant


NB: The story you’re about to read is a
fiction story written by pesman, everything
in this story is imaginary. kindly read and
share to make this story win Tosin sliverdam
short story challenge. Thanks
It was Wednesday morning i lay lazily on
my bed, my body is somehow weak that i
don’t feel like going out, stupid me! Do i
even have where to go? Am jobless and lazy,
not even lazy but not ready to work, i
managed to get up took my phone and
checked the time, it was 9:27am “OMG it
seems as if i didn’t sleep up to 2hrs, thought
i slept around 9pm yesternight, chai day
should be slow a bit before its break”.
I got up and went outside to pee, i walked
back to my room, arranged my pillow very
well, lay on bed and i was about to kick off
the second half of my sleeping before i
heard heavy knock on door, OMG! who is at
the door by this time of the day? Don’t he or
she realised its too early? The knock
sounded for the second time, i managed to
get up, opened the door, i was like you must
be stupid for disturbing my peaceful
sleep when i saw who was at the door,
KUNLE is my friend, almost the same with
me, both in character, physical and laziness, i
let him in he sat at the edge of my bed.
Me: What can i do for you? Moreover don’t
you know its too early to be disturbing ones
Kunle: Pesman be nice, you know you
cannot and can never sleep more than i
do?? But the reason i was here is quiet
different, what brought me here will
benefit both of us
Me: Hmm stupid fellow, your harm is more
than good, do you want to hear? I don’t
believe you
Kunle: Who am i for you to believe in him,
even Jesus Christ the son of Mary some
people do not believe in him talkless of
mere me, but if i didn’t share this good
news with you it means am a bad friend
Me: Before nko? you be good friend? Abeg
let hear your wowo story (stupid story)
Kunle: Pesman its time for our wealth
Me: Have you secured a job?
Kunle: This is more than a job, i can bet it we
will make alot of money in it
Me: Mr parrot talk am listening
Kunle: Have you ever heard of MMM?
Me: MOKU (I am dead) MOGBE (I am doom)
MODARAN (I am in trouble)
Kunle: you see you ignorant can not earn
you a penny, MMM is not MOKU MOGBE
MODARAN or whatever do you just called it,
but its MOLE (I run after it) MOBA (I catch up
with it) MOTUNGBAPADA (And i have it back)
Me: look here kunle i cannot run after a
Kunle: Farabale my fiend (listen my
friend) let me explain how it work for you, if
you invest 20k in MMM as a first time
participant, you will receive 30% interest on
it and also 20usd registration bonus, 30%
of 20k is 6k so on your 20k you get 26k +
20usd registration bonus after 30days of
your ph, all your total money will be
something around 34 to 35k it depends on
the current price of dollar at the moment of
your withdrawal
Me: Another GNLD
Kunle: Its not and it can never be GNLD, you
don’t have to bring participants before you
can participate in the system, all you need is
your spare money and bank acct (Thought
you will be earning 10% on your referrals)
pesman if we can start it now, before the
end of this year we would have been
financial Ok, because we will help alot of
people and people will help us in return (I
don’t want to talk much on MMM)
Me: Have you joined?
Kunle: Yes i joined last mount and i have
received my money back ***He showed me
the alert***
Me: Haaaaaa kunle you’re such a bad friend,
why didn’t you tell me this since?
Kunle: I don’t want you to fall victim that’s
why, i tested it and have confirmed it
Me: Bro kunle please i want to join MMM ***
He unlocked his phone to browse mmm
website, he registered me and i provide help
of 20k, he said i will be paying the money
participant account when time due, you are
wondering how i get the 20k, because am
not working, its good observation i have a
brother who works in big oil company, he
was the source of my money, are you
satisfied now, he taught me how to
operate it and how to check my account
***2weeks later***
I was matched with 3 participants, i called
kunle and explained to him, he said i should
and pay the money into their account
without delay and i should upload POP on
the website, few hours later i found myself
in banking hall want to make the payments,
i notice one girl in my front, she was doing
something on her phone while we are on
line, my phone rang that moment, i looked
at the screen, the caller was unknown
number i picked
Me: Hello
Caller: Hello (Lady’s voice) please is this
Me: Yes, what can i do for you
Caller: This is blessing an mmm participant, i
just want to remind you that your PH
(provide help) order has been matched and
you’re to pay sum of 15k into my account,
Note that your hour elapsed soon thanks
Me: Yes i know and i am inside bank to
make the payment
Caller: ***With joy all over her voice*** Up
Me: Together we change the world
***hanged up*** the lady in my front
looked back and our eyes met, what a
beautiful girl, I fall in love with her instantly,
how can i woo this beautiful girl, i was
lost in thought when i heard “Uncle are you
an mmm participant? Same lady said to me”
Me: Yes i am not even ordinarily participant
but a guider (i lied)
Girl: Great please can you explain some
things for me after i pay this money
Me: Yes its our work (guider work) to be
enlighten participants on what they don’t
and want know, am here for you ***Next
person, the cashier called, she walked to
cashier paid the money, i also paid mine
together we walked out of bank*** sister
what can i do for you? Sorry what’s your
Girl: My name is Gift and i want to ask what i
don’t know about mmm
Me: Ok sister gift
Gift: Where does mmm get the 30% interest
Me: Someone Ph is someone 30%,
someone ph is someone referral bonus, so
as far as we are keeping ph-ing peter
will be use to pay Paul, don’t forget that
mmm did not have central account, that’s
how it work
Gift: You said early that you’re a guider in
Me: Yes i am
Gift: That means you will have alot of
Me: Ofcourse yes
Gift: See you next time brother guidan
Me: Sorry my name is pesman not brother
Gift: All the same, see you next time
Me: wait can i have your number so i can
add you to my whatsapp group for latest
update on mmm
Gift: That will be better 080xxxx
Me: Saved, where are you heading towards?
Gift: Straight
Me: ***Am going different way but i want to
follow her*** am also going straight let be
Gift: Ok
Me: When are you going to upload your POP
Gift: I don’t have data on my phone
Me: Haaaaaa you want your account to be
Gift: Can you help me out with it???
Me: ***Omo see opportunity*** Yes i can, i
will help you in uploading it
Gift: Thank you and you will also teach me
because i don’t know how to do it
Me: That’s the reason why i am a guidian,
here to solve all the problem
Gift: When are you going to do it for me?
Me: I can do it now, but my phone is not
with data sim
Gift: Where is your data sim?
Me: It is in my house
Gift: Lets go to your house
Me: What do you say?
Gift: Let be going to your house ***We went
to my house where i uploaded our POP, she
stay some minutes before she announced
her leaving*** Thanks for the help pesman
let me be on my way
Me: Gift i want to tell you something, as i set
my eye on you in banking hall, am in love
with you and i want you to be mine
Gift: I can only be dating you if you can be
taking good care of me
Me: Gift, that’s what i know how to do best, i
told you i am one of mmm guidian, if you
be mine, i promise you 50k% of my guidian
bonus every months
Gift: Are you serious?
Me: Yes i am
Gift: Are you sure of all you have been
Me: sure
Gift: They don’t promise and fail me, can you
be doing this for me every month?
Me: Even i can do more than that ***Since
then gift and i became lover, we continued
our relationship, few weeks later she came
to my house for visit, we talked, gist
and had S£x***
Time to withdraw my mavro (mavro mean
money in mmm)
I created GH (Get help) order in which i was
peer with 3 participants to pay me total sum
of 34k, without wasting of time the money
was paid into my bank account, i was happy
and smiling at the same time, “Omo this
mmm of thing sweet o, next time i will put
50k” i heard loud knock on my door,
definitely kunle must be at the door “Kunle
you’re such a wonderful friend, mmm has
paid my money, i said to him as i threw the
door opened but i was shocked with who i
saw, standing at the door was Gift”
Me: Welcome dear you don’t even bother to
call me before coming (I let her in)
Gift: *** she sat on my bed*** pesman
mmm has paid your money right? Because
mine was paid this morning
Me: *** Forgotten i promised her 50% every
months*** Yes am so happy dear, 34k has
been paid into my account (Showing her
Gift: Glory be to God you know its great and
good news
Me: Yes indeed its good news, mmm is real
Gift: I belong to mummy water, i lives under
the water, there is recession under water
that’s why my queen decided to join mmm
Nigeria, so we can make some money, i
came to bank to pay participant my queen
was peered to, i met pesman in banking hall,
he promised me earth and heaven, but he
did not fulfil his promise, that’s why i took
his Joystick
Pastor: I commanded you in the name of
Jesus return his manhood
Gift: Nooo i cannot
Pastor: You must return it because he has
ran to God and God is ready to deliver him
from your web ***Pointing bible on my
Joystick*** with the might power in me, i
commanded your manhood to return to its
position in Jesus name
Me: Amen *** Something like thunder strike
me again and my Joystick reappeared*** praise
the lord, my Joystick has been restored,
hallelujah, people keep shouting
Pastor: Brother pesman, you keep distance
to the house of God, try to be coming to
church and be prayerful, this should serve
as lesson to you, you should not promise
what you cannot fulfilled, gbogbo ohun ti
odan koni wura (All glitter are not Gold)
Me: ***crying*** i will be coming to church
The sms of my phone woke me from
sleeping, OMG so have been dreaming since,
wait o, did my Joystick truly disappeared?
i touched my Joystick it was intact and even
erected, i reached for my phone and
checked the text, it was an sms alert, mmm
participants has paid into my account, i
barely read the text when another call came
into my phone with unknow number, which
i picked
Me: Hello
Caller: Hi your account has been credited
please login in to your PO (PERSONAL OFFICE)
to confirm my payment, together we can
the world
MORALE: Don’t promise when your happy,
and do not promise what you cannot do
SHORT PROFILE-  Adebayo Lukman Adekunle, Nick: Pesman, Date of birth: 11/119/1992, Number: 08065400006, State of origin: Osun state, Current location: Abuja

Education: OND holder in electrical and electronic engineering, at Osun state college of technology esa oke, osun state (oscotech)


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