#TSDShortStoryChallenge: 7 Hours With The King Of Kings



An article written by Emgrin…

After successfully scamming my 57year old online mugu from Europe $2000 promising her marriage I was so happy because it was my biggest hit through out my scamming Carrier I went out on Saturday night with some of my friends to party we smoke and drink through out the night around 5am on Sunday morning I return home I entered through the back door so my parent will not I was not in my room through out the night I  sneak to my room and slept off .

         I woke up around 11:30am nobody was at home they have all gone to church I took my bath freshing up and went to the sitting room I picked my iPad and decide to browed a popular Adult movie site and download some videos and watch, I watched about five short Adult movie films
I became so horny after watching the porns I marked and deleted them .

About five minute later I heard someone knock on my house gate I went out and check it was Aisha my 15years old junior sister friend.

Aisha: Good afternoon uncle Emgrin
Me: Afternoon how are you
Aisha: am fine is Sarah back from church.
Me: yes come inside … I locked the gate, on entering the sitting room I push her on the 3sitter chair I quickly pick up the dvd remote on the floor and put on the music to the loudest volume I claim on her I raised the short gown she was wearing I raped her twice she scream for help but nobody could hear her .. The gown she was wearing and the 3sitter chair was soak with blood..
Aisha : I will never forgive you for doing this to me I will the whole world how useless you are ..she left crying I quickly remember Aisha’s father was a lawyer and how he sent someone to jail for raping his neighbour’s daughter I quickly clean up the blood on the 3sitter I packed some of my cloth I picked my ATM card I went straight to GTbank I widraw #50,000 out of the  $2000 that was sent to me I stop a taxi and ask him to take me to the garrage on getting there I saw a board on a Sharon car Boldy writing abuja to Lagos I went their and ask how much is the transport fare the bus conductor said #4500 I paid and entered about 10minute later the was filled and we moved some hours later we got to kogi state suddenly a trailer hit us from the back our driver loss control..the next I saw was me wearing black garment in a garden..

     A very tall man appeared to me I could not see his face it was shining like the sun his garment was white like the snow  who are you I said with fear.. I am the Lord your God the one whom protected you and you chose not to serve he replied  i was shocked I said to myself am I dead .. So am going to hell tear gush down my eyes ..
God gave me 7seal and said open it one after the other I opened the first seal a white Horse appeared to me I loud voice spoke to me and said claim it I did the horse took me to a garden where people where all wearing white garment jubilating and all happy as they sing praise to the lord ..I said where is this ..a loud voice said to me “When the righteous exist from the earth this is their final destination. ..
  I opened the second seal a black horse appeared to me I claim it the horse took me to a forest I had cries from different angle, the horse stop I walked toward behold I saw a big hole I piped and it was a lake of fire I saw people crying and shouting for forgiveness as they are being flogged by black monsters a loud voice said to me this are the human being who have chosen not to follow the path of righteousness.
I opened the third seal a horse with wings appeared to me I claim  it. It flew me to a very far place I saw countless Angel’s tiring papers and burning them  a loud voice said to me Dose who are currently praying for forgiveness their  past sin are Torn and burn, new chapter Are open for them I burst into tears…God said to me : you will not be permitted to open the rest of the seal I will give you another chance to go back to earth and tell people what you saw ..a heavy breed blew, I cough and woke up in a mortuary dead bodies where every where there was blood as over my body and there body I ran to outside the mortuary attendance saw me and was shock I prove to him that I was human and not a ghost he said I have been dead for 7hours he took me to the hospital my wounds was treated

I went back home ask of forgiveness from Aisha her parent they forgive me I sold my laptop and ps3 to complet the $2000 I scam I returned her money to her ..I stoped all my bad ways and gave my life to God..


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Updated: Dec 25, 2016 — 3:07 am

The Author

Tosin SilverDam

Tosin Silver Dam, a mass communication graduate/BSc Holder, actor, ex publisher, publicist, writer and I rock things a lot #majah Email: silvertosin@yahoo.com, whatsapp: 08080664675, BBM: 5C350257


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  1. nice story emgrin you talented

  2. lovely story crying

  3. ok…i like dis one…u tried

  4. hmmm you good Mr alagboja

  5. very touching love dis

  6. #dis d type of stories I like seeing keep et up bro

  7. great post by great guy

  8. Wonderful. ..spreading the word creatively

  9. If this story doez not mak it 2 the top i’ll personaly luk 4 diz admin nd d rest iz history az we knw it….
    Emmy my man…. kip up d gud work……. (CHALALA)

  10. so heart touching.
    just work more on your english!
    *yes he deserve the 1st prize

  11. Lol
    so cute
    doro fwesh
    emgrin good job! maybe u’ll rite me a story

  12. gud wurk son, u’re a gud writer. u sure ar goin to win dis

  13. kai thix pboy hax phinish me pha….
    walahi u deservb a trophy.
    (vbery vbery criativb)

  14. You’re good
    i love d storry..

  15. emgrin, lolz. u were a writer on dz blog since day 1. I avnt read ur story sev nd I can easily comment. nice story bro

  16. d message nice story

  17. dis is pure talent

  18. emgrin hmmmm ,,,,

  19. 7hours with the king of kings ,,,, wana cry self

  20. Nice one bro, buh why u go Molest person? If I catch you I go flog you lol

  21. am so proud of you

  22. lol nice story

  23. you don win bro

  24. I like wat I read

  25. my nigga mkin me proud

  26. nt too LNG BT great

  27. you already win

  28. talented writing

  29. Baba, iffu no win; na ojoro dem do niyen

  30. jah blues ur talent bro

  31. hmmmm short of words

  32. comfam in baba emgrin

  33. lol Emma you are talented

  34. this story should be publish worldwide

  35. hmmmm d message

  36. story of d year

  37. can I copy this pls?

  38. best story ever

  39. thanks to you all I appreciate ur love

  40. lovely story

  41. d alagboja guy himself

  42. passing d message

  43. readers are leaders

  44. 7hours with d king great story

  45. nice one from a brother

  46. Wana. copy this

  47. Mr alagboja nice one

  48. another cool story

  49. lovely write up and happy birthday to me…

  50. first story on this blog talking abt God creatively

  51. would like to meet d author of this story

  52. cool one baba emgrin

  53. emgrin nice one

  54. oshhee baddest

  55. tosin I like ur blog

  56. part2 nice one

  57. nice story no too much shoki seen

  58. proud of you bro

  59. baba ah fel u

  60. nice one copied fb tinz

  61. have never read something so creative like this on this blog

  62. I like d way d story ends Good finish

  63. love d story love the art

  64. nice one we are waiting for alagboja ooo

  65. you’ve done well

  66. everybody is loving the story

  67. I appreciate yah all jah bless you

  68. end time story

  69. lurv dis one

  70. nice work bro I love it

  71. you really tried bro

  72. d only story that makes sense

  73. qot did link frm a page dope one

  74. nice one bro fb tinz

  75. nice one baba

  76. good. qot ur message from gmail group

  77. you try et nt easy

  78. na was oooop see comments

  79. nice work bro

  80. happy sallah brthers

  81. nice on sweetheart

  82. no b small comments ooo

  83. wana copy permission?

  84. dis guy na something else

  85. nice work man

  86. hope am nt late

  87. bad boi turn Good

  88. bobo mi nice 1

  89. nice story line

  90. our home boi making us proud

  91. you killing et honey

  92. real g nice wrk

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