#TSDShortStoryChallenge: Believing My Disbelieve…


From the way Daniel jumped from his bed, it could only mean that he was

having a bad dream. He looked at himself and saw that he was still on his

suit from yesterday’s outing. He quickly turned his head to the bed side

clock to look at the time; it was 9:30Am his eyes widened, he jumped up

from bed, ran into the toilet & brushed his teeth and picked up his phone

and car keys and ran out of his house without bathing. He lives in a

mansion with over 60 rooms, he happens to be a billionaire; as he stepped

out into his rooms’ balcony upstairs, everywhere was quiet, way too quiet

for his liking; none of the bodyguard were on sight, he remembered that had

something bigger to worry about so he quickly used the stairs down and ran

into his garage and picked up the hummer he used yesterday and drove out of

the premises and headed for the airport. He was so scared but also knew he

had missed his flight and how he slept this long was a misery to him. He

was supposed to be at the airport by 6:00am, to go meet his wife Yvonne who

is to deliver their baby, he had promised her that he would be there today

since he had promised other days and failed. As he drove he was so unhappy;

for the pass days he was having a feeling that things ain’t going right, he

had a feeling that the world is about to come to an end and this was

something his wife talked to him about but he didn’t take it seriously, he

couldn’t believe he was feeling it.

As he drove, he remembered his seat belt was not on him, he quickly

struggled to put it on with a frowned face, and immediately he did he

started driving at a very high speed above the speed limit of the road…

Emeka who was Daniel’s best friend was on his way to pathfinder hotel

to meet a lady; Emeka has been cheating on his wife and she has been doing

the same. As he drove, he decided to turn on the radio, he turned on the

radio and “shakiti bobo” by olamide filled the car, he smiled & started

hitting lightly on the steering wheel. He got into a hold-up at a cross


“Men which kind Fork up be this na” he said angrily

“Men which kind Fork up be this na” he said angrily

He wind down his glass only to hear a man preaching

“Tomorrow may be too late brother, today is an opportunity. Give your life

to Christ” he spoke loudly

“Omo see noise pollution ooo, all this people them no go find work do” he

sighed to himself. Emeka looked to his left again and saw a thriller

heading towards his car on speed & pressing the horn. He became angry

“Does he think he can scare us with that big junk” he said, but it seemed

the thriller didn’t want to stop and before he knew it the thriller ran

into his car & there was a serious explosion…

Daniel arrived at the airport but was told that his plane a red Boeing 700

had left, he couldn’t express his level of sadness, and he left angrily,

entered his car and drove off. He turned on his radio and the first thing

he heard was “This is the news headlines”

“Yvonne Ross is in labor in a London hospital” he felt sober after hearing


“Ebola is spreading rapidly; patients are going crazy and attacking people

on the streets”

“An explosion has occurred in Lagos killing over 60 people”

“Serious problem in Lagos as Boko Haram invade places” these headlines

brought back his attention to the road and suddenly there was an explosion;

he saw people running and cars moving fast, he heard gun firing and he was

in a hold-up, he stepped out of his car and saw clothes on the floor but no

blood, he started to wonder what happened here but not long someone started

shouting” Rapture! Rapture!! Rapture!!!…

Ada struggled to stand up with pain in her head, she look

forward only to see the dead body she was trying to hide in the bush on

fire, she quickly turned and saw fire coming towards her, she started

running in another direction, she was unstable because she kept falling and

standing, she ran but the fire almost caught her then suddenly someone

grabbed her arm and jumped into a river…

Daniel froze after hearing that but suddenly gun shots were fired at

him but missed, he quickly ducked and ran

“It’s Daniel Ross, kill him” a voice said loudly, this made him run faster

as two men with guns ran after him. He ran into a three storey building and

hid under the stairs, one of the men went up stairs and the other was down

there but didn’t see Daniel , he quickly grabbed him from behind and

twisted his neck and picked up his gun then went up to look for the second


The building was quiet but a song was playing from a room “Wanted dead

or Alive” by Bon Jovi. Daniel sighted the other man facing the opposite

direction he immediately fired at him and he died. He decided to go

upstairs to the roof; he looked around from on top of the building and saw

something unbelievable…

The plane he was to board was falling from the sky; it fell and crashed on

buildings, he turned and saw fire in a forest and a girl running for her

life as the fire pursed but it seemed she wouldn’t survive so he decided to

help her, he quickly climbed down the body of the building and jumped into

the bush, he grabbed the girl and jumped into the a River flowing into the


As he came out of the water with the girl he thought to himself, what do I

do? Is this the end? Where do I go from here? Is there still hope? He felt

like it was a new start he was looking as confused he walked into the

forest with the girl…


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  1. You Danny Walker, you never completed 6th June

    You kept us hanging

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