#TSDShortStoryChallenge: Fight With The Gods

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                     My name is zee am the only male of the family of 12 female plus me we are 13 in numbers am the last born my mother who was vanished from our village when I was 13 years old u can feel the pain I face with my stepmother who was the leader of a popular occult the [faders club] my father was a well-known hunter and warrior he protected the city for many years before he died hmmm his death was a mystery to the whole villages………. Before he died he told me take care of my sisters and for me to look for my real mother I was shocked that my stepmom was nt my real mother I promised him and he left for battle and did not come back alive ……. After that day my step mom can starve me for days I eat due to the help of my sisters she even beat me and sometimes she send me out of the house … I know now u can feel how I lived without my father ……
This how everything stated am the next to take over my father’s position but the elders in village because of greediness they disagree that I should take over my father’s position but I was still determined to do the right thing ……

As my routine I woke up early in the morning and left for the forest … but to my surprise I met my step mom I greeted her but she didn’t answer me I was a little bit worried
I continued my journey while in the forest I searched for the animals I even left for the most dangerous area or zone but I didn’t see any I became scared and I started thinking I have offended the gods I stated praying to my gods to save me from dis mystery I heard sounds of wolfs running toward my position I wish I could be strong to overcome this challenge but the eco of my sisters cry out for help made the situation worsen….
I ran as fast as possible but something happened I looked back and I saw it was my father chasing me I didn’t look front and hit my head on a tree in front of me and fainted when I woke up I found myself not at home even here does not look like the forest but in a dark room I say a little ray of light and I saw an old woman….
Guess who…..
What!!!!!! My stepmom what was she doing here…. [Scared] she laughed and said welcome to the gods of our faders ur dad didn’t join us and he died I don’t want ur life to be like his I want u to enjoy ur life to the fullest u can’t leave here alive u have to choose either to live or die I became more scared like if my heart is about to fall apart I sat down on the bed they laid me on…. I was a little bit thirsty but I couldn’t request for water she told me to stand up and come to the crystal room I followed her and I prayed to the gods for protection but the gods seems to be silent I was left alone… but my condition became worse when I saw my sisters captured by the enemy villagers I begged her to leave me to let me go to save my sisters and my village… looking at d burning huts I became more angry and scared at same time it was the worst moment of my life I had to leave to turn things around I was about leaving the room when she knelt down and begged me nt to go that if the gods wish I should leave it like that …this words of hers I will never forget ‘’DON’T FIGHT WITH THE gods MY DEAR’’ I wanted to stay but I remembered the promise I made to my father and I ran out of the room……. Getting out of the building I saw jaguars running toward me I ran as if I was being chased by death itself I ran the fastest race of my life. when I got to the woods, I heard the cries of my sisters ahead me, nd saw my father telling me to wait that he will save them himself I heard another voice also telling me to save my sisters I became more furious and wanted to disappear.
               To my surprise I saw an archer in front of me i brought out my sword and wanted to fight but the archer disappeared and appeared at my back looking back I saw 7 more archers I decided not to give up hope and was ready to fight even with my last breath … we fought for hours but the more I fight and kill them the more they came for me I got tired and wanted to give up….. I looked up to the sky and asked my father to help me. Immediately rain started falling and the gods warriors coming near me disappeared one after the other until it remained one last warrior, guess who it was, it was one of the elders in our village… he pulled out his arrow and wanted to shoot at me I knew this was the end ..the doom of me I was too weak to defend the arrow he shot the arrow but someone pushed me and took the arrow …I hit my head on the woods and passed out. When I woke up it was really dark and I couldn’t see the person well but I noticed it was a woman, I was worried about my sisters and left for my village getting there I saw my village in great disarray, it was in chaos, the palace was burnt down, my compound was also burnt down. I entered but couldn’t find my sisters. I opened my father’s weapons store I got prepared for battle alone to save my sisters I took a horse and followed them I met them sleeping I hid myself till I got to their commander’s hut I saw him forcing my sister to have S£x with him, I entered and saw my sister scared, tired and about to give up so I threw a knife @ the commander who was not prepared for what hit him and he shouted. This almost cost my life seeing as this alerted the rest of the members ,but I was able to run and rescued one of my sisters who showed me where others were. I knocked down the guards and calmed them down and told them not to be afraid, showed them d way I told them to go to the evil forest I threw an arrow at the guards guiding the deserted warriors. I released them and we went to the hut of the warriors and strangled them we burnt down their food storage houses, we gave them a surprise attack and victory was ours we sang a song of victory home to our village to begin a new life. My story is still being told by people from the forests, mountains and the environs around up to this very day, generation after generation. I AM ZEE ………..THE BOY WHO FOUGHT WITH THE gods……. HMMM MY STEP MOM GAVE HER LIFE TO SAVE ME AND THE VILLAGE SHE WENT AGAINST HER gods


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