#TSDShortStoryChallenge: Large Hearted



An article written by Farotimi Olaoluwa

Mark is an unassuming fellow. He owed his good nature and chivalry to his pious background. At work, he has worked his way into the hearts of his co-workers. He works with a construction company where he heads the Human Resource department. He decides to take a drive out in the country side to ease the stress he has accumulated from a very hectic day’s work as well as enjoy the nice scenery.
“Screech….” he heard the sound of a car that has gone out of control. He pulled over to avoid the car running into him. The accident was so fatal that it claimed the lives of the driver and his wife, who is sitting in the front passenger seat.
“Ah……ah……..somebody help…..anybody around? HELP!” the cry a young girl of about seven years of age jolted him back to consciousness. He reached out for the fire extinguisher and some minor car tools. He rushed to the accident scene, rescued the girl, who happens to be the lone survivor, and took her to a nearby hospital. It took the intervention of Doctors and Nurses in the hospital to resuscitate the girl who is already unconscious.
“Doctor…….Doctor!” screamed the nurse on duty, “the girl in the emergency ward is showing signs of consciousness.”
“I’ll be right there.” replied the doctor, as he hurries to the emergency ward. He gave her some injections to stabilize her condition. “She will be fully awake in the next two hours or so. Make sure you observe her and take necessary reading till I come back and if there’s any complications, alert me on time. You can as well transfer her to one of the wards.”
“Yes sir!” replied the dutiful nurse. Nurse Phoebe grew up without a silver spoon. Her parent, though responsible, were not rich. Her father works as the gardener in an amusement park while her mother runs a food canteen across the streets. She left her parent to live with her uncle in the city. Her Uncle took care of her schooling till she graduated from nursing school. Her experience through life wasn’t all that happy. She has suffered from series of Sekxual abuse at school as well as domestic abuse from neighbours. Deciding to leave behind all these bitterness, she fell in love with a promising colleague in her final year at school. The relationship was going on fine until she caught him with another lady. When she confronted him on him infidelity, he flared up and dealt with her mercilessly and threw her out calling the relationship a quit. Her experience was not rossy.

“Meet your father” Nurse Phoebe enthusiastically said to a little girl she held; who just recovered from a long coma.
Where is he? The little girl asked. Emphatically, the nurse pointing to Mark seated on a bench across with a satisfying smile that lilted his face from eye to eye, saying “he is over there”
“Who is that man?” the little girl asked.
The nurse amazed by the girl’s blunt attitude to the man as a stranger clearly answered “he is your father”. Worse the nurse was heavily startled by the words she heard the girl say. “I have never seen that man before in my life” , made the nurse think she must have had a loss of memory due to her long unconsciousness.
Mark walked across the ward from where he sat to meet the nurse and the little girl.
“i am not her father” Mark said to the nurse as he called her away from the girl.
“Then, why didn’t you say that all this while”, the nurse refuted.
“I carried her right away from a fatal accident scene that caused her unconsciousness, and also the death of her parents…but I realized she was alive and brought her down here” Mark said sedately.
Meanwhile, the nurse had noticed Mark always, all through the period, sit in the poorly lighted ward, holding the girls hand and offering her words of love and strength.
Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the man move away and rest a while, but he would bluntly refuse. Now and then, she heard him saying a few gentle words. The unconscious girl said nothing.
Standing and wondering all the tender love and care the man had exhibited towards the girl, she baffled and never believed that Mark had never known or his related to the little girl.
Cynthia is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Bruce. Theirs is truly a happy family until the fateful day they met their untimely death. She enjoyed the love of her parent so much that hardly would let our out of his sight. She attends one of the best schools in town. In fact, she had all she needed.
“The girl is now out of coma, Sir and has already been tranfered to the female ward.” Nurse Phoebe informed Dr Bright.
“Oh! that’s great” replied Dr Bright as he prepares to follow Nurse Phoebe.
“but, I discovered that the man that brought her this morning is not her father.”
“Really!! Tell him to see me in my office immediately” ordered the Doctor as he turn to go to his office.

“I had always thought that you are the father of the girl from the reports I got from Nurse Phoebe” said Dr Bright as Mark enters his office.
“No Doctor, I just had to ensure her safety as she is the lone survivor of the accident” Mark replied in an emotionally laden voice.
“What’s the matter, Mr Mark?”
“I also lost my wife and two children in a fatal accident two years ago” Mark stated.
“I’m so sorry for your loss” Dr Bright concluded as he consoles him.
“It’s okay! Its just that the memories keep coming. But, what about Cynthia? What’s going to happen to her, since her parents died in the accident” inquired Mark.
“We will make announcements over the radio and on television, as well as publish her details and pictures on National newspapers; and her relatives should be able to come for her. But if the do not show up, we’ll release her to a Social Welfare home across the streets” Dr Bright said affirmatively.
“that’s a good plan” concurred Mark, “but please let me know the outcome of the announcement. I’ll also come around to check on her occasionally.” he added as he stands to take his leave. He went straight to the female ward where Cynthia was transfered to. He met Nurse Phoebe consoling the heartbroken Cynthia. He also added some soothing words before he left for work promising to stop by while on his way back home.
The following days were very gloomy for the young Cynthia. She wouldn’t be consoled and would occasionally sob silently all night. Mark’s consistent visits really helped in lifting her gloomy spirit. He would always come with beverages, gifts and sweet smelling flowers for her.
Days ran into weeks, and weeks, a month; yet no sign of Cynthia’s relatives. And as a result, the hospital management invited Mark to inform him of their decision to hand Cynthia over to the social welfare home.
“I am very sorry to have kept you waiting, Doctor. I actually stopped to check Cynthia and Nurse Phoebe in the ward” apologised Mark as he entered the doctor’s office.
“That’s quite thoughtful of you. You are most welcome” said Doctor Bright as he gestured him to take a seat.
“We invited you in respect to Cynthia’s case. It’s been more than a month since she’s been here with us. The announcements we made over the radio and television, as well as that of the newspapers did not yield any result. We even visited the residence of the Bruce, but we couldn’t lay hold on any substantial information. So, we have decided to hand her over to the social welfare home.”
“That’s so sad. Anyway, it’s alright by me. In as much as none of her relatives showed up, we have no choice.” added Mark.
“Yes, but on the second thought, I personally feel that you should adopt her, judging from the previous information I’ve heard about. I think you should be able to make her happy.” Dr Bright posited.
“Ah!” exclaimed a wide eyed Mark in great shock and amazement. “I don’t have plans for adopting anybody now, but I’ll give it a due consideration” he added as he took his leave.
“Okay, we’ll be waiting to hear from you.” said Dr Bright.
After some days, the doctor was successful in prevailing upon Mark to agree to the adoption proposal. The necessary documents were signed after both parties had consented to the proposal. Mark then formally took custody of Cynthia.
The bond that has developed between Cynthia and Nurse Phoebe cannot be severed so easily. The well-being of the girl has eaten deep into her that she would visit Mark’s place with gifts for the new father and daughter. As a result of these consistent visits, Mark develops interest in her and they later got married. Cynthia grew up to become a successful business tycoon.


SHORT PROFILE- Farotimi olaoluwa was born about 23years ago, to a family of three, from Osun State. Currently an undergraduate in a federal university in Nigeria, he is a blogger and a freelance writer with vast experience. He is the owner of the blog www.maxipharo.com. With the aim of educating people on the lastest trend through article writing, news and entertainment.

CONTACT DETAILS: Phone number: 08158105137


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    Whao! You made me shed tears and smile again at the same time. This short story deserves applause and award. It looks so real. It must must not end here, can you please permit me to shoot it into a movie for every home. Large Hearted indeed.

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