#TSDShortStoryChallenge: My First Kiss With My Bestie

Written By Edimalo…

  “Damn it ” I said to myself as I recalled what had happened yesterday.I had visited my so called “bestie” whom I have been crushing on since we were both in secondary school, in an attempt to recover my memory card which he had forcefully collected the day before .As I entered the house ,I saw his mum sitting on a couch doing whatever I wasn’t bothered about .”Mummy ,good morning ,where is Stephen “.She stoop up to hug me “in his room ,but before you go,come taste this stew I made last night “.

  She dragged me to her kitchen like I was her daughter …Stephen is the only child so ,as his bestie ,I’m like his sister .”uhm,mum it’s great ,gimme a minute ,I’d be back “.I had gone straight into Stephen’s room without even knocking .I stood still …Couldn’t even talk .Stephen was completely Unclad . Obviously,he just had his bath .He was shocked too .All he did was laugh as I ran out of his room .I even forgot to bid his mum goodbye .I had to switch off my phone so as to get over it .But it just keeps popping into my head .

   “Gosh !!” I exclaimed again .I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even notice when my younger sister came in .”You have a call “she frowned .I wasn’t surprised ,that’s not the first time my friends would call me on her line .”Hello ,Louis ,you gotta help me …I’m at the usual bar ….Pls be fast …Pls help “.That was Stephen.’what’s wrong ?’, ‘what has he gotten himself into now ?’ Those were the questions that kept popping into my head .

    I didn’t think twice as I wore my tank-top ,three quarter trousers and my puma sneakers .I ran ,Stephen on my mind ,wasn’t thinking of anything else .The bar was just a kilometre away ,I didn’t bother to take a cab,I kept running .I got to the bar ,quite fulfilled ,when I saw Stephen with some guys .But he wasn’t drunk ,he was even smiling .

   Hell !!!…This cute idiot tricked me . I was gonna go back but he saw me before I could make an attempt .He came straight at me .All I wanted was to punch the hell outta him ,I just couldn’t .All I could say was “don’t you ever try this with me again ” and I walked angrily away .He shouted from his position “and where are you going “….”away from you “I said without turning back .The next thing I heard was ‘i’ll follow you then “.I ran as fast as my legs could carry me forgetting the fact that I’m now an undergraduate .

   Few minutes later ,I came back to my senses ,he might not even be running after me and besides ,it’s so childish .So ,I stopped running . Immediately,I was swept off my feet .Stephen carried me like a baby .”Put me down “I struggled .He looked straight into my eyes and said devishly “and to top it all …A kiss “…”don’t try me .Now put me down”those were the words that I could think of at that moment .

   Stephen looked at me ,smiled and said “I will ,after I do this “…And before I knew it ,his lips were all over mine .I stopped struggling .He placed me down gently ,his lips still on mine .We kissed for over five minutes ,not conscious of where we were .And then he broke off…. Honestly,I was a little bit disappointed .He held my hand ,looked into my eyes and said “I’ve always wanted to do this ever since we became friends “…I blushed ..”let’s go ” was all I could say .

   He walked me to my house and we kissed again before he left .I ran into the house ..Looking back to wave at him ..As I entered my room ,I threw myself on my bed ..”Today is the best day of my life “I shouted ..Smiling at myself and jumping around my room …..I had my first kiss with my bestie …That’s like my greatest wish ….*Winks*….

SHORT PROFILE- Edimalo, Age 16, a 100lv geography student of the university of Ibadan ,Oyo state .Contact :08100741059/08142105006

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Updated: Feb 20, 2017 — 7:00 pm

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