#TSDShortStoryChallenge: The Baby Sitter



An article written by Ohaka chukwudalu Frank 

Misty worked for the Mac Kalisters for 4 years taking care of their 3 children. She had a crush on Hank from the first time 
that she was hired by Catherine. His dark eyes and coal black hair turned her on beyond what she had expected. By one 
mishap of her trying on something that came for Catherine in the mail created a relationship she had wanted for so long 
and never expected in her wildest dreams. She was going to make sure that she kept the children and the man happy in 
an unhappy situation. After all, every single dad needed a helping hand.

The Late Night 
The phone rang and Misty picked it up. It was Mr. Mac Kalister on the other end of the line. He was running late due to 
tax season. He asked her if she could stay longer. The kids ran around her as she tried to concentrate on his words. He
would not be home until around 9 pm. Since she had nothing planned for that night she was fine with what he asked. She 
would do anything for Hank, since the divorce he had been working nonstop and often depended upon her. 
Misty moved around the kitchen looking for what to make for dinner. She saw they could make mini pizzas. She would 
have to go shopping for Hank she could see. He had let the groceries go. Jr, Cathy and Megan danced around her as she 
pulled out what they would need to make dinner. Misty had Cathy set the oven and Jr pick out a movie for the night. As 
they worked together to make the pizzas, she could not believe Catherine had left Hank for a younger man. Especially 
since Hank was such a devoted husband and father. 
They ate talking about school and the carnival coming up. Everyone had a part in it. Misty hoped that Hank would be able 
to make it to the carnival for the kids. They looked up to him so much. She looked at all of them and listened to their
chatter. The doorbell rang and Misty went to answer it. It was a package from a local boutique. She signed for it and sat it 
on the table. It was for Catherine. 
Soon they were all watching the movie Jr picked out and halfway through Megan fell asleep on the couch. Misty picked 
her up and carried her to her bedroom tucking her in. She was an active 8 year old who would often wear herself out and 
crash around 7 or 8 pm depending upon her activities of the day. Today she had gymnastics and a full day of school. 
When Misty came back into the living room to finish watching the movie, she saw that only Jr was still there. She was not 
surprised because he had picked out an action movie only he would like. He looked at her. 
“I am going to bed soon.” He said without prompting. “I have wrestling practice in the morning.” 
“Who is picking you up?” Misty asked as she began to clean up. 
“Joel’s mom.” He answered as the film began to show its credits. He turned off the DVD and left the remote on the table.
“Night, I am going to finish my homework and go to bed.” 
“Okay.” Misty said as she put the dishes in the washer. “I will see you tomorrow.” 
“Same station?” He smiled as he headed up stairs. 
“Same channel.” She answered as she became curious about the package that arrived. She went upstairs to check on 
Cathy who was on her laptop. 
“Hey kiddo, not too late on the net.” Misty said at the door. Cathy was taking this divorce the hardest and had found 
solace in social media. 
“I know, I know.” Cathy answered. “Hey Misty…” 
“Yes?” Misty said as she moved to sit on Cathy’s bed to see what she was doing. 
“You think mom and dad will get back together?” Cathy asked as she typed back to a reply she had. 
“I don’t know.” Misty hoped they wouldn’t between Catherine’s drinking and her affair she had almost destroyed Hank. 
“I hope she never comes back.” Cathy stated clearly. “She hurt dad so much. I wish you were our mom.” Misty felt tears
welling in her eyes. 
“Well, kiddo.” Misty began, “You never know what will happen. Now get to bed at a decent hour. You have dance 
“I know. I know.” Cathy said firmly. She began to shut down the laptop and closed the lid. “I am going to go to bed after I 
finish a chapter.” 
“Okay. I trust you.” Misty ruffled Cathy’s hair and kissed her on the top of the head. 
“Hey,” Cathy started as Misty headed out the door. “Thank you for all you do.” With that she grabbed her book and 
moved towards the bed. 
“Anything for you guys.” Misty answered as she went to look in on Megan who was sound asleep. She saw the light on 
under Jr’s bedroom door. She would check on him in a half hour. As she went down the hallway she saw that Hank’s door 
was open. As she peeked in, she saw that Catherine’s stuff was still being packed up. She saw that there were shoes on 
the floor. Walking over to them, she began to pick them up and put them into pairs. She came across a pair of black 
stilettos and tried them on absent mindedly. 
Walking over to the full length mirror, she looked at herself in them. They made her legs and calves look fantastic. She 
could not imagine Catherine owing a pair of these. It was not like her. Maybe her lover had changed her demeanor. 
Taking the heels off, she placed them by the bed. 
As she walked back downstairs she saw the package. The house was silent as she picked it up and curiosity got the best of 
her. Looking at the time, she saw it was 8:30 and Hank would be home soon. She sat the box back down and finished 
cleaning up. She wanted to have the house clean before Hank got there. It was the least she could do. 
Turning on music, she began to dance around as she cleaned. Soon she heard the garage door open and then the side 
door to the house. As she turned she saw Hank and caught her breath. He was in a grey pinstriped suit and looked as 
handsome as ever. He put his briefcase on the kitchen table and looked at her. She smiled and finished picking up.“Hey, thank you for staying late.” He said as he saw how she had grown up. He could not deny that she was an attractive 
young lady. 
“No problem Mr. M.” She said as she turned down the music. She watched him pour himself a glass of wine. 
“I can’t run you home tonight.” He stated clearly as he took a sip. 
“That is okay.” She answered. “I packed an overnight bag. I figured I should have one just in case.” He nodded holding up 
an empty glass. 
“I know you are not 21, however would you like a glass?” He asked. 
“Oh Mr. M.” She chuckled. “I have drank before.” She recalled the high school parties she went to. She did more than 
drink at them. 
“I figured.” He answered. “I just wanted to be nice and offer.” 
“Sure, Mr. M.” She answered. “Since I am staying here for the night.” He poured her a glass and then switched the music 
to soft jazz. 
“I am sorry about this mess Misty.” He sat down with his head in his hands. 
“It is not your fault Mr. M.” She answered. “I am just glad to help.” 
“I appreciate it a great deal.” He shook his head, “Tax season is a killer this year.” 
“A package came for Miss Catherine.” Misty stated as she headed to get the box. Hank took another sip and sat back on 
the couch letting the music soothe him. She handed him the box and he looked at it and then opened it.
The Package 
She gasped as she saw a corset fall out with a pair of thigh highs. He looked at it and shook his head. Taking another sip of 
wine, he felt the thigh highs. They were silk. Misty just stared and went for the drink he poured her. She knew this might
lead to trouble, yet she did not care. Hank needed someone right now. He dropped his head again in his hands with the 
stockings to his face. 
“She never wore anything like this for me.” He commented as Misty was not sure what to do. She knew he needed 
comfort, yet was not sure how to comfort him as his tears slowly came. 
“Mr. M.” she began, “I am not sure what happened or why, however I do know you deserve better.” She took the 
stockings from his hand and looked at the corset. She wanted to put it on and seduce him. Placing the stockings on the
table, she walked over and picked up the bottle of opened wine. Maybe he could drink himself into a stupor and fall 
asleep. He picked up the bottle and poured himself some more wine. Misty sat down on the loveseat beside the couch. 
“She fell out of love with me.” He uttered as he drank the wine. “We signed the papers on Friday.” She nodded in 
understanding. She slowly drank her wine as they talked about what happened and why. This was something that he had 
not been willing to talk about before. 
“You know Misty, you have become a very attractive young woman.” He finally said as he looked at her. He was to the 
point where the wine was allowing him to say the things that would not normally be said. 
“Thank you Mr. M.” She said as she was still sipping on the first glass. He got up and put in a movie. 
“Why don’t you get more comfortable?” He commented as he sat back down. 
“How comfortable Mr. M.?” She asked. 
“Comfortable enough to relax in front of me.” He answered. “I want to enjoy my evening.” She picked up the stockings 
and corset and went upstairs. Walking to his room she went in and got the heels she saw and fell in love with. Walking 
past Jr’s room, she saw his light was off. As she went into the guest room she began to get undressed and put on the 
Standing in front of the mirror, she loved how it looked on her. She knew what she was doing was not acceptable for 
most, however she wanted what he could give her. And she wanted to comfort him and give him some release. The 
corset shaped her as she pulled on the stockings and sow how shapely she really looked. It made her hourglass figure pop 
and she looked like a woman rather than a teen. 
Letting her hair down, her tiger eyes flashed. She knew exactly what she was doing as she slipped on the heels and 
walked down the stairs. He could hear the clacking of the heels on the wooden floor as she came behind him. Taking his
glass and finishing his wine, his hands ran up her arms. Her lips found his neck as slowly she traced her mouth across his 
sensitive spots. 
“Mr. M.” She commented between her soft kisses. “Let me relax you.” She stood up and walked around in front of him. 
He gasped when he saw her. She did not look like what he remembered of her. He could not remember how many times 
he had jerked off to the thought of taking her. She sauntered towards him as he poured another glass of wine for both of 
them. She sat beside him. 
“Is this comfortable enough Mr. M.?” She asked as she licked her lips and sipped on the wine. 
“Oh yes Misty, it is.” He commented as he swallowed hard. “You know this will only lead to trouble?” 
“I welcome it Mr. M.” She answered. She felt a buzz going on in her head. He turned on the jazz again and took her by the 
hand leading her to the center of the room as they slowly danced to the music. His hands moved down her body and it 
was everything she had imagined. She pulled away from him and moved around the room lighting candles. He watched 
her as her figure turned him on. He knew she was athletic and it showed in the outfit she had on. The stilettos accented 
her calves. He watched her as she moved around. 
“Rock your hips for me.” He uttered as he watched her. Slowly she began to move to the music, her body becoming a 
seductress as he watched. She traced her hands down her body over the corset, feeling the silk under her fingertips.  She 
slowly moved towards him as her hips moved side to side. She licked her lips as she approached him. Her hands went to 
the buttons on his shirt as she kissed her way down each button. 
“You are so Bleeping Sekxy.” He commented as he felt her mouth on his skin. She tingled as his voice excited her. “I want to 
see you Pour.” She was not sure how she felt about that. She had masturbated sure, however never in front of anyone. 
She lowered her head as his hand went to her hair. He looked into her eyes as he led her to the couch. He lowered her to 
the couch and spread her legs. He saw her slowly relax as he sat down and began to kiss he neck. Her hands slowly began 
to move down her body as he lowered the top of the corset and flicked her Tips with his tongue getting them hard 
then he sat back as he saw her hands move to her lace panties. 
As she pulled the lace to the side he saw her treasures and spread her legs. Her fingers began to rub on her nub as it 
hardened. He moved his hands up her thighs as he spread her lips. She gasped at his touch as she felt his fingers help her. 
She became wetter with every second knowing he was watching her. Her breath quickened as she felt his lips upon her 
inner thigh. Slowly his mouth moved towards her fingers as she felt his tongue dart out and flick against her hardness. She
wanted to scream out as she bit her lip. Slowly his mouth moved lower as his tongue went deep inside her and she 
whimpered to his heat.  Slowly her hips began to grind against his mouth as he moved her hand and took her nub in his 
mouth and he swirled his tongue around it. This was more than she expected as her body responded. 
His hands spread her lips wider as she kept her legs open to experience everything he had to offer. He became persistent 
as he felt her getting wetter, he had slipped two fingers inside her as she responded to his mouth. She arched as he 
flicked his tongue one last time and she exploded on him. Gasping for breath she opened her eyes and looked at him, he 
was still half dressed. She started to get up and he pushed her back down and licked her fully, taking in every drop of 
Grabbing her by the hips he pulled her to him. He flicked his tongue deep inside her as she squirmed under his touch. Her
hands went to the back of his head as she came again. Whimpering under his touch, he continued, placing a 3 
rd finger 
inside her to prepare her treasure for his gift.

Time for Bed 
As she came a final time, he picked her ravished body up and carried her upstairs as he kissed her. She had tasted her 
own juices before, however something about his masculinity made her more excited. He carried her to the bedroom and 
shut the door. Taking her to the bed he began to undress. His pants fell to the ground and she sat up tracing her hands 
along his stomach. She pulled down his boxers as she found the head of his Joystick hard and ready with pre-Pour.  Slowly she
put her mouth on it and his hands went to the back of her head as she felt the pressure of him building. 
“Lick my balls.” He ordered as she moved her mouth down his shaft. Her tender mouth sucked on each ball. Sucking them 
and then moving back up to the head of his Joystick. His hands went to the sides of her head to guide her as she moved up 
and down on his hardness taking him in as fully as she could. “Lay down on your back.” 
She did as instructed and he placed his Joystick inside her open mouth as he slowly moved back and forth. Her tongue swirled 
around the shaft as she felt him move in and out. Her legs splayed open as her hands went back to her hard clit. His hands 
were on her Bosom, playing with the Tips making them hard. 
“Get on your knees now.” He ordered her again, pinching her Tips one more time. She groaned as she did not want 
this to stop. As she got on her knees, he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. He placed the head inside her 
wetness as his hand went to her Buttocks and he slowly probed. She grabbed ahold of the sheets and bit down on the covers as
she could feel him enter inside her. Trying to buck back, he smacked her Buttocks and she stopped. 
He pulled his head out and replaced it with a finger getting it wet with her own juices. Slowly he slipped the finger in her 
neither world hole. As she began to pull away, he held her tight with his hand on her hip and placed in his finger slowly as 
his head probed her wetness. 
“You will let me enjoy you tonight.” He uttered as his finger went in deeper. She found she liked it as she bucked back 
taking in more of his hardness. She had never been this wet as he leaned forward and pushed her on the bed. His finger 
was fully inside her hole as his Joystick filled her other hole. She was underneath him as he moved in and out faster and 
faster. His mouth on the back of her neck as she gasped out and held onto the covers tighter. Her screams silenced by the 
covers she bit into as he pounded into her from behind. She spread her legs wider to take in more of him as he felt 
himself coming close. He pulled out and turned her around. 
Moving up to her mouth, he shoved his Joystick in and she sucked on it greedily. She felt his balls tighten as he groaned and 
began to Pour. His hand was on the back of her head as he held her there. Swallowing every drop that came out she
gasped for air. He laid her back on the bed and traced his hand down her body as she shuddered under his touch . 
She moved back to his manhood and put it in her mouth to get him hard again. She was not done, he had awoken a beast 
in her and she wanted more as he became erect. Pushing him back on the bed, she straddled him as his hands guided her 
on top.  He felt himself go inside her as her body arched and her hips moved against him. She took him in deeper and 
deeper as her hands held onto his chest. He moved his hands to her hair and pulled on it as she felt him hit her g-spot. 
She wanted to scream out and he pulled her mouth down to his as he moved his hips to match her gyration. He thrust his 
hips up as his hands moved to her hips to push her down on top of him. She screamed into his mouth as she came on top 
of him. 
“Harder, I want it harder.” She broke the kiss and he rolled her over pinning her down. Her legs wrapped around his hips 
as she drew him into her deeply. Her nails digging in his back as she arched up into him. They came together as he fell on 
top of her breathing hard. Her breathing labored, he rolled to the side and held her close kissing her shoulder. 
“So I am thinking the guest room is out tonight.” He commented as she sighed, her body exploded again. His arms 
wrapped around her as she sighed, this was everything she ever wanted.


SHORT PROFILE- Ohaka chukwudalu Frank 
Short profile: student 200l Chemical Engineering 
Contact details: 07014916008 
Email: ohakachukwudalufrank@gmail.com

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