#TSDShortStoryChallenge: The Lost Ones


Digging deep into our roots, we are not so comfortable as our standard of living slowly reduces. It has been a bitter experience for us, but still we have no other option, we are already in this, our foots are in the coldness of the waters. 
Cries of agony, depression, suicidal missions, fall in living standard, mortality, and so much more are what we cannot bear, for they seem too much for a body whose soul is about to depart from. It was damn hard like hell.    
Quick recap, everything seemed to be normal, we were in trouble though, but we had a hope that we could get liberated from it. We never knew that even the Word of God was against our decision as we blindly went for the wrong choice, as even the alternative too wasn’t preferable. This I had known would be highly or nearly disastrous for us.         
The gloom on our faces is definitely about the doom we are in. I must admit, we are really in pains and sadness. We are getting poorer, what could we do ? Definitely something. But it hurts when we fail to realise we are part of our own failing, we are the rope holding ourselves from getting liberation.  
Our home was once an abode flowing with milk and honey, covered with gold plates and dipped in the sugar of life. But where are those sweetness anymore ? Can we say we are almost in ruins ? It has gotten to a situation where we can’t hear ourselves cry, we seem voiceless.       


YES…The word VOICELESS we are.      




SHORT PROFILE-  ALALADE AJIBOLA MESH, PROFILE: I am a young teenager of 17years, I speak, write and act. I generally pick interest in things that motivates youths and effect a change. CONTACT: 08131255228 

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Updated: Feb 20, 2017 — 7:32 pm

The Author

Tosin SilverDam

Tosin Silver Dam, a mass communication graduate/BSc Holder, actor, ex publisher, publicist, writer and I rock things a lot #majah Email: silvertosin@yahoo.com, whatsapp: 08080664675, BBM: 5C350257


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  1. It is realy touching .. I think d writer is talking of d current mess we are in as a country .. Thumbs

  2. This is a really nice piece.

  3. An influencing and captivating story

  4. Nice writeup, even for the writer’s age, keep it up and you’ll be great

  5. Beautiful write up story revolving around around choices that should have been made and wrong choices entered into but life still must be experienced this their tale told vividly from the eyes of the skilled writer TOSIN SILVER DAM

  6. Insightful…… Amongst other things

  7. Insightful

  8. Nice piece .. I love it

  9. Captivating and didactic

  10. Hmmmm.. .nice one.. I love this

  11. Nice one bro..keep it up…

  12. Sunday O. Oladepo

    A well written article. It aptly captures Nigeria and her epileptic conditions. The resorting consequence of our choice as a people. Ajibola, in this insightful piece, connects the dots between our pasts and the presents.?

  13. It sums up Nigeria. Gloomy tone but it captivates.

  14. I couldn’t have agreed less. More power to your elbow Mr. Ajibola

  15. Kudos to you

  16. Wow…. This is unique….I love this piece

  17. You’re good.

  18. Keep it up bro!! That’s just the truth! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  19. This is so fabulous and fantastic story. I think the write insinuating subject to the current of the state of Nigeria’s condition. We value not and hiss on what God gives the best of the best full natural resources country. Affliction;-( continues but we pray to God evacuate us from the indefinate what is so call femine. Keep it up AJIBOLA, MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW

  20. This piece should b recommended . nice write up

  21. God bless the writer

  22. I read all, this article seems more matured from a young and articulate source. Grow in Wisdom and Grace, dear writer

  23. Voiceless truly !

  24. This is waow.a nice write up.I celebrate you.

  25. A voiceless nation indeed

  26. True description of the state of the nation.

  27. Interesting

  28. Article to be articulated . I love the uniqueness

  29. Nice writeup really love it. Kip it up

  30. Oga, na you oh

  31. Olamide Olusegun

    Go for the prize, its worth it .. nice one bro

  32. Kip it up young lad

  33. let’s do this bro, effect a change with your gud critique. .

  34. nice article. Sophisticated !

  35. More power to your elbows

  36. Nice write up for a boy of your age. Keep up the good work.

  37. This is a talent. You just need not relent. The sky is your starting point

  38. Opeloyeru samson

    Kudos to you. Just keep the flag flying. You can become one of the so called “Greats”

  39. Kudos to the writer, most sensible article read on this blog

  40. Nigeria and Nigerians ..

  41. Kamorudeen Akindele

    more strength your elbows

  42. Akinyemi Oluwakemi

    Wow, this is great. keep it up dear.

  43. Akinyemi Toluwanimi

    Good one brother, keep it up but I want to suggest if your next piece will be on how solutions can be given to the known problems. Keep it up bro, the sky is your starting point

  44. simon scholastica

    Nyc one bro…..kip it up

  45. Kip it up…it Relli nyc nd inspiring

  46. hmmmmm….

  47. this a wonderful write up.. true

  48. alalade Ajibola if I should talk on this article I will cries because it touches the mind of people even, I cherish your courage bro at a tender age like this

  49. I’d recommend this article

  50. Keep it up. Thumbs

  51. Inspiring

  52. Young and getting it. Keep it up

  53. Good article.

  54. Well written

  55. This is what I call intelligence.. Love it dear

  56. You can do better

  57. Another Ben Bruce .. Thumbs

  58. Aboderin Elizabeth

    This piece wins it. Let’s face reality rather than stories with little or no societal values

  59. I love you n this write up

  60. I cant agree less, wehdone !

  61. More of it

  62. Olaniyan Aanuoluwa

    Simple n Insightful

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