#TSDShortStoryChallenge: The Surprise

What time of the night it is i do not know.
‘gggrrrrnn’ My phone’s ear-bursting ringtone came to life. I stretched

lazily on the king sized bed and rechead for my phone on the bedside


“Hello” my thin voice spoke into the mouth piece.
“Come out now, we got your wife and kid” the Baritone voice sounded commanding.

“Who are……” before i could complete, the line went off. I smelled

trouble hanging around the air.

Mely, my six years old daughter came runing to our room last night

saying she was seeing some ghost outside, through the window and

Daphne, my wife had gone to her room to sleep with her, just for her

(Mely) to feel and elderly figure lieing next to her.
I jumped out of the bed and ran to Mely’s room, i kicked the door open

and swithed on the lights using the switch beside the door way and

behold, it was empty with the bed spread ruffled over the soft

mattress, i ransacked the whole room, from the wardrobe to the

bathroom. After searching the nooks of my mini 3 bedroom apartment

without yielding results, a call came in from a private number, with

shaky hands and sweaty palms i picked the call and listened

attentively to the other end.

“Come outside now! Try to be smart by calling the police, Remember

your family is at stake” The caller said and ended the call with a

short wicked laugh. I tried to remember if i had had any quarells with

any one lately but there was none, fear enslaved me — fear for my

life and fear for my family. I just didn’t know where the surge of

courage came from with a tightened fist and clenched teeth i stepped



The dark cold night reminded me of my fears, the street was empty and

dark save for the lights iluminating from the house along the street.

I didn’t know when some one walked to me and putted a cold metal to my

neck — a gun and whistled, another man came and blindfolded me, with

my hands tied to my back they pushed me and threw me into what i

beleive was a van, the engines started and the tyres screeched.


The engines had stopped and the door opened, one of the guys grabbed

my arms and slowly took me to where i couldn’t describe, beads of

sweat had gathered round my forehead, my heart racing fast as ever. He

pulled me by his hands and stopped suddenly. He untied my hands and

removed the blindfold, the room was dark and i could feel him breathe,

behind me.

“H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-DA-Y” Everyone chorused, simultaneously with the

lights turning on to reveal my family, my Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother,

Mely and of course my ever loving wife. Behind me was my chum, Haliru.

Mely ran from my mother’s grip to me and i took her into my arms.

“Happy birthday, Daddy” Mely said, i replied with a faint smile.

“This is our own little way of thanking God for your life, Happy

Birthday” Haliru said and i dropped Mely and took him to a warm


“Thanks, Man” i managed to say faintly.

“So, lets get the music started” Farouk, my junior brother said,

pressing the remotes and music blaring out, from the speaker. What i

tought was a death sentence turned to be the BIGGEST SURPRISE EVER.

_____ THE END.

Momoh Hakeem, is a 17 years old native of Kogi state. He started

writing at the age of nine (9), Hakeem, draws inspiration from

people’s success.


Facebook: Abdool Hakym Momoh.

Phone: 09073267083

Email: tallhakeem@gmail.com

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Updated: Feb 20, 2017 — 7:23 pm

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Tosin SilverDam

Tosin Silver Dam, a mass communication graduate/BSc Holder, actor, ex publisher, publicist, writer and I rock things a lot #majah Email: silvertosin@yahoo.com, whatsapp: 08080664675, BBM: 5C350257


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