#TSDShortStoryChallenge: Wrath Of The Gods



An article written by Momoh Hakeem Northernative.

The whole of Uforo kingdom was in jeopardy, The great source of water,
The Uforo river had dried up over night, It was strange. Farmers were
complaining of fruitless harvest, The women who had suckling babies
cant’t feed their babies, Their breasts had no milk no matter how they
squeezed it. Recently the older women in the village walked down the
whole village Unclad, all to appeal the gods to take off the curse from
their head, but their efforts were void. On this faithful day the
whole village assembled themselves to Igwe’s palace to seek for help,
Ezenmwo, the eyes of the gods was called upon, he trickled cowries and
chewed kolanuts then spewed it on the air but he sees nothing, The
gods were silent, when the villagers saw that he couldn’t get in touch
with the gods, whispers erupted from different angles of the
congregation, One of the council of elder suggested.
“Igwe, if Ezenmwo can’t get in touch with the gods, why dont we send
for Obazie, the medicine man from Atupo”, The whole congregation
nodded in support, Obazie was the most powerful medicine man one could
find within the vicinity.
Dalu, was the man that was sent to fetch Obazie, In no time He arrived
with Obazie, the distance within the two communities wasn’t that much.
Obazie settled on a rafia-mat amidst the congregation.
“The two clans of this village, the Akuno clan and the Ozide clan used
to change the mantle of leader ship amongst themselves, When one clan
is mourning, the other produced the king” Obazie said then chocked in
saliva and continued.

“But not until one day, The Akuno tribe refused to take the mantle of
leadership back to Ozide after the King’s demise, The Akunos enslaved
the Ozides and produced the king after the demise of theirs, and it
has remained the same till today”.

“So what can we do to curb this problems that have be falled us?”, The
eldest among the council of elders asked.
“Its simple, the current King will have to step down for the eldest
male in the Ozide tribe, Other wise!” Obazie said, walking away from
the congregation.

“Never i will not step down this throne, Never!” The Igwe groaned.
The youths knowing fully well that the Igwe was not going to be
submissive went to the palace in the night and beheaded the Igwe and
also setted his house and his house-hold ablaze, The new king was
produced by the Ozide Clan.


SHORT PROFILE- Momoh Hakeem A.K.A Nothernative is a young aspiring writer, he started
writing at the early age of nine but took it serious at age
fifeteen(15) in 2015.
Twitter @Nothernative
Facebook: Hakeem Nothernative.

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Updated: Dec 25, 2016 — 3:07 am

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